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Remember kid, Heroes are remembered

but, Legends never die.

The Sandlot
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Thanks for the Layout: merle_police!

Revealing: In the scene where the boys' rival team challenges them, all the boys throw their gloves down, except Yeah-Yeah. When they all go to pick them back up, Yeah-Yeah has to pretend to pick it up.

[Mistake] Continuity: When the treehouse is about to explode, we see Beltram say he's getting out of there and go down the ladder. Then after some scenes we see him running out of the tree house when he was supposedly already down on the ground.

[Mistake] Continuity: When Squints and Yeah Yeah are staring at Wendy outside of the convenience store, she walks by in slow motion with her hair straight. But in the next shot, when she is walking at normal speed, her hair is perfectly curled.

[Mistake] Continuity: Towards the end of the movie when Benny is playing ball with his teammates, he hits the ball out to the field. Timmy uses his left hand to catch the ball, but in the next scene you see Timmy using his right hand to catch.

[Mistake] Revealing: When the rival team challenges the boys, they throw down their gloves, when "Ham" throws down his glove, it flips back and hits "Squints". If you look closely, he doesn't know what to do with it, and just drops it.

[Mistake] Continuity: Before Wendy (lifeguard) jumps off her tower to rescue "Squints", she takes off her sunglasses and throws them to the floor. After she gets back on the tower, she only takes her whistle back and puts it on. She doesn't have her sunglasses on. But on the next shot, we see her with them on, without having gotten down to the floor to get them.

[Mistake] Continuity: When Smalls tries to throw the ball for the first time, everyone laughs at him and falls down. When it shows the guys from Smalls' view, it shows Yeah-Yeah falling down. Then when Smalls is running away, it shows Yeah-Yeah falling again.

[Mistake] Continuity: When Scott Smalls's dad leaves for Chicago, Scott asks him where he was going. Bill answers that he was going to Chicago on a week long business trip. Then, when Scott hits his homerun ball, and Benny asks him when his old man was getting home, Scott says that he doesn't know when Bill was getting home.

[Mistake] Revealing: After Smalls hits his home run one of the kids throws his glove behind him when he is trying to take it off and a kid behind him catches with a surprised look on his face. You may have to slow the film down to see this.

[Mistake] Continuity: When Squints goes into the pool in the scene his glasses are in one hand but when they get him out his glasses are in the other hand.

[Mistake] Continuity: In the end when Benny is running from the beast and he runs through the reception, 2 bakers are carrying a huge cake, about 4 or 5 tiers. When the cake flies up in the air it is all together, but before it hits the bakers it has already crumbled.

[Mistake] Continuity: When Benny steals home at the end of the movie. When the team celebrates you can clearly see Benny break away from his team mates and point up to the press box. But a few scenes later they show Benny doing it again in a close up.

[Mistake] Continuity: At the beginning of the movie, when Benny is "pickled" in the schoolyard, during the pickle his sleeves are rolled up. After he scores he walks along the backstop, and his sleeves are down.