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What do you guys use to make your icons? I have Paint shop pro 8 but it sucks. I really want to learn how to make cool ones ('specially of the Sandlot -- so I can share with you guys! :D ). Just hoping you guys can help!
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This is a random tidbit, but as a SANDLOT fan AND an SVU fan, I feel obligated to informm

I was watching "Disappearing acts" on USA tonight, and the guy who plays gavin Sipes/Nikolai Rosovitch, the rapist son in witness protection, IS THE KID FROM SANDLOT>

That's right.

"You're killin me, smalls!"

Oh man, I was dyin about that.

from IMDB: Tom Guiry - "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" playing "Gavin Sipes aka Nikolai Rosovitch" in episode: "Disappearing Acts" (episode # 4.5) 25 October 2002


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ok, I have a favor to ask of all you sandlot fans, but it may benefit you in the long run. My copy of the movie is 150 miles away at my parent's house, or I would do this myself, but here is the thing: since there was never an official soundtrack released, I've wanted to make my own FOREVER. I'm not talking the score, I'm talking the awesome oldies songs used in the movie. Here is where one of you really nice people help: can someone watch the credits at the end of the movie and write down all the song titles and artists that are listed as being used in the movie (this is usually listed toward the end of the credits). What you get in return: I will put together the songs as a soundtrack, zip it,and put the link here for everyone to download. Sound good?
Thanks in advance!
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hey, all. i just joined here. my names kate.

all i have to say is that i'm in love with that movie, haha. ham is deffinitly my favorite character. gosh i love him lol.

well i love new friends and i'll surely add you back if you want to add me.  :)

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The Sandlot score. Ripped and edited myself out of frustration that no such score exists to buy.
After MUCH toiling, hair pulling and class neglecting, I've got it. It's not perfect; I managed to get all of the dialogue out, and many of the sound effects. Some of the sound effects are still in the tracks, but they're at least the baseball-y ones, like the crack of the bat,the ball hitting a glove, and the dog barking.
So I made up names for the tracks, and zipped 'em up for all to share. (My faves are 'An Omen' and 'PF Flyers')

Share with any and every person that might like it. Upload it to a page and plaster the link everywhere, whatever, just get it to the Sandlot fans.
Edited to refresh link 6/27/05

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Hey did u guys know there's a Sandlot 2 coming out? I didnt even kno but i saw it today online.

Apparently it's coming out this year... Personally i don't like sequels, especially when its like a whole new cast.  It ruins it.  James Earl Jones is still in this, and Karen Allen (Mrs. Smalls)... but all the kids are different.  When it comes out I'll see it... but i really dont think any sequel could live up to the first Sandlot, especially with a whole new cast.  I mean seriously...  no Ham? SQUINTS?!?! 

Here's a link to The Sandlot 2