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Hi. My mother is interested in sending a letter to Chris Bailey, and I was wondering if anyone here has any ideas on where I could find some contact info for him and therefore assure said letter's arrival.
Any help would be... helpful.

"Fall of an Empire"

Wow...I lost track of what Saints album this song is on, but I've heard it all the same and the song is great.
So, here is most of "Fall of an Empire":

"...the fields are burning
there`s water in my eyes
and the sky turns black
There`s no returning
once you`ve gone
there`s no coming back
as night turns to day
what would you say
to make me change my mind
I don`t believe the lie

I rose early
the trumpet sounded
and all the walls had come down
I`m celebrating
with champagne breath and clown
as ruined as the rest of the town
I`m falling down

The wheels are turning
I`m moving on and that`s a fact
There is no returning
once you`ve gone there`s no coming back
close your eyes
close your eyes
consider yourself in the scheme of things
and when you open your eyes
take a look around..."
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The Lives of the Saints

If you're looking to learn about the Saints' history, and especially about the milieu they formed in, and just generally about Australian independent music in the 70s, 80s & 90s in general, a good read is Clinton Walker's "Stranded: The Secret History of Australian Independent Music".

You can read an excerpt of the book here.

The book has a wealth of information about the Saints, particularly their formative years, mainly because Walker was part of the band's circle of friends and acquaintances in mid-70s Brisbane.

In fact, the one major criticism of the book that I would make is that Walker tends to concentrate a little too much on those bands that were his closest friends. Granted, people like Nick Cave, the Triffids, the Go-Betweens and the Saints were probably among the more important Australian groups of their time, but does Dave Graney, for one, really deserve so many column inches?

But that's a minor quibble about an otherwise laudable book.
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I'd have to say that, in my opinion, Prodigal Son is the best album The Saints have ever made. I especially like the lyrics to this song--they flow perfectly.
I think the rest of the album is basically perfect as well.
Anyway, without further ado, here's...


It was late in the winter
When the weather was bitter
With the storm rolling in
Bringing death and disaster
The silence of night
Like gun fire was shattered
No shelter was left
For the poor and the wretched
Drums rolled and crashed
And the angels were singing
On the cliffs as I watched
The distant sail sinking

Master and slave to their death
Were sent flying
Under the waves luminous corpses would grin
Like the sharks who were waiting
No prayers were answered
No preference of class no deals could be done
Grown men would cry
Like a child for its mother
The violence of nature
Could not be appeased

Throw down a line
Shine me a light
I'm your prodigal son
And what I've seen ain't right

Throw the first stone
Show me a sign
I'm your prodigal son
Tell me what has been done

The night that we sailed
There were crowds on the quay side
Full of fear & excitement
Of an unknown tomorrow
The old world left behind us
We sailed to the horizon
The voyage was uneventful we had sailed there before
Until the night one mile from the headland
In a moment of truth
A pathetic twist of fortune
I'd heard a voice in my head I'd ignored it
Was it a warning & how would I know
All the hopes & the dreams on the rocks they were shattered
No invitation was offered to debate the outcome
As I left that ship I was leaving a graveyard
What help could I offer in defence against the sea
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Kuepper v Bailey

Okay, I think I've sorted this out. Otherwise, if I've got posts flying left, right and centre, do forgive me.

This is a x-post that started as a reply to thedarkcrystal, regarding the relative merits of Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey, post-Saints. For the record, I regard both as Aussie Genii, but that Ed is the slightly greater genius. How's that for an each-way bet, folks?

The animosity between Kuepper and Bailey, post-Saints has been legendary. Think Lennon/McCartney, Lydon/McLaren and Reed/Cale rolled into one. Much of it stems, apparently, from Bailey's continued use of the Saints moniker, hence Kuepper forming the Aints in retaliation.

As to arguments of superiority, jeez, that's a toughy. What can't be argued, though, is Kuepper's productivity. At one stage, around 92-93, he put out 7 albums in under 2 years, and all of them great. A nightmare for fans with limited budgets.

There's a full discography on his website, but it doesn't seem to have been updated in the last couple of years.

As to indispensible Ed Kuepper records: Another tough one. I'd say probably the Laughing Clowns "Law of Nature", containing the magnificent "Eternally Yours", as well as "Today Wonder", "Honey Steel's Gold", "Rooms of the Magnificent" and "Character Assassination".

He also has a couple of Best Ofs out: "The Butterfly Net" (1985-1992), "Ed Kuepper Sings His Greatest Hits For You" and also a Greek compilation "Heart of New Wave" (1983-1995).
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First post....

Hello future members! This is the first post in what I hope will soon be a prospering community. I just wanted to thank you ahead of time for joining _saintsfans_, and I look forward to reading and commenting on your posts.
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