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SAA: Sasuke Addicts Annonymous

We're addicted.... and we know it.

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Have you suffered over a period of time because whenever you happen to see even a glimps of Uchiha Sasuke you fall over, choke, have a heart attack, and nearly die? Have you ever swooned over him simply because someone else has his name, or one close to it (ie Sosuke)? Have you ever found yourself wanting to cause someone serious bodily harm simply because they might have said something about Itachi being the cooler of the Uchiha borthers? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then this is the place for you! There aren't any twelve step (or even three step) programs, but there are others who understand, and accept your perfectly reasonable obsession.
So come, fellow Sasuke worshipers, come and be understood in a land where everyone is like yourself, and I come up with lame names for stuff!
And this isn't JUST for fangirls, I want every guy who cared enough to come this far to join as well; you just might not like some of the pairings in art and fanfiction that suddenly appears in here... unless you like yaoi...