Bloody Kyo

Ohayo at Nighttime

Hey everyone. Guess what? I'm new, too. Isn't everyone, though? 

Once in awhile. 

Anyway, i think it's obvious why I wanted to join this community....because...

Sasuke is my bases.

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Hey dahlings, I'm teh' n00b here.

As you can assume, I am roleplaying the dear Uchiha in a fun AU roleplay ( Check it out! -Le pimp- ) --and so I think I should have a few more Sasuke icons. So that's why I came here. T___T Other icon communities seem to lack the icons I'm looking for.

And of course, hi everyone! I look forward to .. er, gawking at Sasuke in this community. I may end up switching to my other journal later on, incase anyone misses me. Which I doubt, horribly much. ( okami_chan)

I promise to be all nice and credit, and stuff.

I hope this is allowed. Please don't send me to that ded Naruto request community!

-Sasuke without head-band. Meh, I don't really care about this one. With, is just fine.
-I beg of you to contribute if you have some High-school-esque icons.
-No text. If there is some, then I'll look it over and see. ♥
-Varied expressions. I'm in need of angry ones. :D

Not.. Preferred:
-Icons with people other than Sasuke in them.
-Icons with horribly tiny text. >>; See my icon? I hate the text.
-Anything I already have. o-o;

Extra Special Hugs Given If:
-Anyone knows where the base from this icon I'm using came from. That, or you made it. I love it an' all, but like.. the text is almost.. a line. o-o;


And perhaps later I'll link to some of my angsty fanfiction. :D
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Hi!! ^_^

I promised myself that i would never resort to this...but I just dove too far into the Sasuke swimming pool's deep end to be saved by the unsuspecting lifeguard on the side...@_@
Hi! I'm Yuki ("Hi Yuki") and i'm a huge fan of Sasuke...even if he does turn to Orochimaru (that !$*#$*) for help....TxT This was the first fan community i saw and i swoon over it...>_O
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(no subject)

Hey Sasu-kittens, I'm calling for help here. I'm looking for a fic, I think I read it on affnet, but I turned that site upside down and it wasn't there. Basically its about Naruto, who 'died', and is haunting Sasuke, who is the only one who can see/hear him. They go on a mission, protecting or transporting someone, and they learn to depend on each other in fights... Its a pretty lengthy fic. Can anyone help me?
My Angel...


Author: shalanar
Rating: M
Spoiler warning: It's up/around the Orochimaru-Sasuke arc  at  Sound
Summary: All Sasuke ever wanted when he was younger was his brother's acceptance, but instead he was ignored and then betrayed. His goal now is to kill and completely forget about the older Uchiha, but will Itachi let him? Pairing: Itachi x Sasuke.

(More about Brothers...)

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Hiya! ^^

I'm new (obviously) and I love Sasuke very very much ^_^. It kinda hit me like a brick all of a sudden, and now I'm obsessed...completely. So yeah, it's nice to meet everyone!!
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