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I suppose nobody really has much time to post here, because no one has posted since I came...

But then again I suppose there isnt terribly alot to talk about.

I just won a bid on ebay for a PS1 game called Rival Schools. Anyone really into video games? Maybe wanna chat about it a bit? The "Naruto Ultimate Ninja," as they so renamed it, game for PS2 just came out, and can you believe that my store sold out of it? You can't even change the voices to Japanese. The Gamecube series, which i think is alot better even though I dont have a gc, released the first "Clash of Ninja" as they called it, a little while ago and it sold out too..even though you can only play with like seven characters.  Soon the second one will come out, and then prolly all of them. But take my advice, spend the extra money to get the imports (and a freeloader) so you don't have to hear American-ified Sasuke say "Feel the power of You-chi-hah." No offense to that Yuri guy, who will actually be at Otakon this year, so i hear... But anyway, if you're like me and you can't really afford to spend tons of money, spring for the Fourth game in the gamecube series because I had the most fun with that one. Plus everyone has the cool alternate costumes that first appeared in the manga, and you can so triple team someone. The missions get a little hard, though. But it's cools 'cause you get to play as Curse Seal Sasuke, and also you can unlock his Charingan durring battle and use the Chidori. 

Yeah, so enough rambling...

I... have a Sasuke liter. It's pretty.

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