Spiral DVD 1 - The Melody of Logic
Spiral DVD 2 - Disarming Fate

Info - 125 minutes of running time; comes subbed and dubbed (dual languages; English and Japanese with English subtitles). Extra features include History of Magic Squares, character profiles, textless songs, and image gallery. First 5 episodes of the anime.
Condition - Almost new. No scratches, on case or on the disk. Does not skip at all. I'm not exaggerating; this DVD is in the exact same condition it was in when I first received it (I even kept all the advertisements on the side).

Info - 100 minutes of running time; comes subbed and dubbed (dual languages; English and Japanese with English subtitles). Extra features include textless songs and outtakes. 4 episodes.
Condition - The case does not close well; the top clip thing broke, but the disk itself is in very good condition. No scratches on the case (the only problem is the clip, and the transparent plastic covering furls a little TINY little bit), nor on the disk. The disk does not skip!

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Asking prices:
Melody of Logic - $15
Disarming Fate - $14


All prices negotiable!
Shipping not included.


 Hi, I'm new, like most here are, and Sasuke is my favorite Naruto character (besides Sasori) so I thought I'd join this community! (SPOILER if you haven't read the latest manga) I actually like Sasuke even more, now that he's working with Akatsuki  (because who doesn't love Akatsuki?)
And, I like the background! It's cool.

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New Look

I showed up, asked myself "Eww, who made THAT crappy background?'," and promptly began to cry since I made it myself.  Whatever.  I made that up.  I made the bg a while ago, and I don't like it anymore (it's kinda ugly), so I made a new one.  It's not perfect (needs more contrast...), but it's better than the old one.  At least I think so, and I'm the one who gets to change it.  ^__^  So Nya!
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Hello!  I'm actually technically already a member on another account, but I made this one solely for posting fanfics and such, so I figured I should go ahead and join again. ^^  There's that and I don't think I've been on for at least a year...  Yeah...

I love Sasuke.  ^^

And I will defend his complete and utter lack of emo-ness to the death.  He is so not emo.
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Ahoi, first post!

I might not be as crazy about Sasuke as you guys, but I have an obsession for good fanart/fanfics and lurk everywhere where I can get some >:D

So that this is not only beneficial for me, I come offering my first Shipuuden Sasuke.
It's just pencil and charcoal, nothing too fancy, but still yummy ^^
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Hey! I'm addicted, in love, and swoon over Sasuke Uchiha. I'm proud of it too! (note the penname) My sis is working on some Sasuke icons (even though she likes Itachi *growls at her*but it's ok cause she sorta likes Sasuke). I pic the pics and what not she does all the loading :P

Anyway.....I have a "Sasuke-worshiping-fanfic" that I'll post here or in my journal.

Nice to meet everyone!! ^_^
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Punked Sasu

(no subject)

I suppose nobody really has much time to post here, because no one has posted since I came...

But then again I suppose there isnt terribly alot to talk about.

I just won a bid on ebay for a PS1 game called Rival Schools. Anyone really into video games? Maybe wanna chat about it a bit? The "Naruto Ultimate Ninja," as they so renamed it, game for PS2 just came out, and can you believe that my store sold out of it? You can't even change the voices to Japanese. The Gamecube series, which i think is alot better even though I dont have a gc, released the first "Clash of Ninja" as they called it, a little while ago and it sold out too..even though you can only play with like seven characters.  Soon the second one will come out, and then prolly all of them. But take my advice, spend the extra money to get the imports (and a freeloader) so you don't have to hear American-ified Sasuke say "Feel the power of You-chi-hah." No offense to that Yuri guy, who will actually be at Otakon this year, so i hear... But anyway, if you're like me and you can't really afford to spend tons of money, spring for the Fourth game in the gamecube series because I had the most fun with that one. Plus everyone has the cool alternate costumes that first appeared in the manga, and you can so triple team someone. The missions get a little hard, though. But it's cools 'cause you get to play as Curse Seal Sasuke, and also you can unlock his Charingan durring battle and use the Chidori. 

Yeah, so enough rambling...

I... have a Sasuke liter. It's pretty.

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