Blow pop Detriot (pistoledxhearts) wrote in _s_q_u_a_t_,
Blow pop Detriot

The shit you are tired of doing
Name: Britty
Age: 16
Location: Modesto(Meth City), California.
Promote in two places and post the links here:

What do you think about...
Sqauting: Fuckin harsh.
Animal Rights: I eat only the animals.. that are kind of meant to be eaten and used for food. But.. fuck beating on kittens and shit. That's horrible.
Government: It has no idea where it's going.
Abortion: PRO CHOICE!!
Your Mom: Hottttiieeee.

Bands: Bedlam Beggers, Bulldog Spirit, Madhouse Disciples, Demented are Go!, Meteors, Deadcats, Angry Samoans, Blood for Blood, LCB, Speed Crazy, The Blurters, and Charter 77.
Movies: Party Monster, Trainspotting, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, the Goodfellas, and Gangs of Newyork.
Books: CHUCK P. And pretty much every book I've ever read.

I know you could care less. But I fuckinlove my camera. So, deal. <3

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