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Oh hi! I've gone back a few times looking for this community but assumed it had been deleted because it wasn't alphabetized under S in my list. Oh. It's under _. ;)

I updated our baby blog to reflect that we now have an 8-day-old baby. :D

We are so tired, and overjoyed. One of the best things so far: My mother-in-law told one of her friends, someone I don't know, that she's never known another infant to be born into such a powerful, loving, and accepting community than our own kid.

I always wanted a kid. Now I'm 47, and can't get pregnant. So we did the obvious thing. ;)
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Can I be skeery too?

Apparently young, un-skeery poly people have their own unique "vibe," but this vibe is fragile and must be protected by warding off all the skeery old people who might crush it with their presence. I am quite sure I want no part of said vibe, and also pretty sure that it does not actually want any part of me. So I'm here to sign up as a skeery-old-poly-lady protegee, if you all will have me. Pretty please?

Sundaymorning administration

Kees is watching the (taped) Formula 1 auto race; HMM snores in the bedroom (I can hear him).

I browse through my journals, see if there are more 'friends' to add that I know from elsewhere
I tracked down here through a quote I found in alt.poly
I have to know who is the man who wrote the lines that makes a friend cry
I found the whole poem and a certain sadness because I didn't know that man and now will never have a chance to get to know him
Jumping from one link to another I found a couple of 'friends' and now I'm tracking the subscribers of this group and I find some one I share my birthday with: nov. 17, although she's two years sceerier than me (I'm from 56)
Then I find that there's no way of sending her an email or a message, so I thought i'd wave goodbye here!

Good day fellow sopl's. For some of you the weekend is finished, for some it's still going on, but I hope it was and will be a good one for all of us.


Maybe inappropriate

After I stopped using hormonal contraception my love life flourished, right along with my sex drive. Now menopause is nearing, I'm sort of dreading curious how long this fun part is going to last; how much me and my fun are actually my hormones and my fun; and what will happen when hormones are moving away.
I arrive at this point in life skeery incredibly ignorant about this. Somehow it never seemed quite applicable to my situation and it never was the first order of business to find this out.

If it's inappropriate to ask, just do your thing to me, but as some of you have already visited menopause and teh land beyond it, I was wondering if you'd have any pointers, wise (or other) words to spare, or perhaps (reading) tips.
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That time of the month

I know. Being a sopl I should be over it. But I'm not. Waiting for it to pass. Hoping fot it to be over soon. But no. No luck for this sceery gal.

It makes me rant. I'll keep my mouth shut till this one is over.

at my desk


are essential, at least in my world. Right now (summer in NYC), I feel my bag is not completely packed without several handkerchiefs, a flashlight, a bottle of water, and some sort of tool (leatherman/gerber/etc.) Oh, yes, and a fountain pen and paper.

I rather like the idea of being a skeery old poly lady, myself -- of course, that's why I'm here. Too unruly to settle down and let the cute little youngsters represent the community, that's me.

Well... actually, I'm not into representing any communities any more. I just live my life.

(And, because it's semi-relevant, a tribute to my handkerchiefs:
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s.o.p.l., yah sure, yu betcha!

Skeery Old Poly Lady? Damn right!

Anybody got any suggestions on how to enjoy one's forty-fifth year? Besides indulging in art, literature, frolics of various sorts (especially the ones involving good theatre), and not suffering fools?

So far, I've bought a fringey halter-and-skirt-plus-shawl outfit in copper and red, figured out a truly cool Halloween costume with a friend (or perhaps just ritual garb, if the right rituals come along), gotten into a makeup-wearing phase again and feel dangerously babelicious, and have begun taking better care of myself again with moisturizer and drinking more water. Ideas for what to add would be lovely, thank you.

Oh, and I think we need a S.O.P.L. party somewhere, preferably somewhere where I will be. *grin*