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_ryosaku's Journal

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Welcome to the Echizen Ryoma and Ryuzaki Sakuno Community from the Shounen Anime, Prince of Tennis (Tennis No Ohjisama). You might have guessed from the name that we welcome anything and everything of RyoSaku such as graphics, artwork, links, fanfiction, drabbles, and discussions. This community is a fandom community where everyone who loves Ryoma and Sakuno can post up their fanfics, fanart, and graphics. The purpose of this community is to share our love of Ryoma and Sakuno, sharing fanfics, artwork and graphics of Ryoma and Sakuno. This community is Open Membership. By joining this community, you are agreeing to follow all the rules listed below. If you do not follow these rules, there would be warnings and banishment.


01. Be polite and respectful to all members. Meaning: There should be NO FLAMES or BASHING OF ANY SORT in this community. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

02. Use the LJ-CUT when dealing with spoilers, NC-17 Content, Pictures, Icons, artwork, and fanfiction. For icons, you may give at least 2-3 icons for preview. If you do not know how and what LJ-CUT is, I recommend you go here.

03. Keep your posts about Ryuzaki Sakuno, Echizen Ryoma or RyoSaku as much as possible. For other x Sakuno pairings, I recommend you go to love_salad.

04. This community is not about new releases. This community is for people who like/love the pairing RyoSaku. It's about Ryoma and Sakuno. Ryoma or Sakuno. So, please don't post about the series here. If you really really want to post about it, please include something about Ryoma and Sakuno.

05. Newbie Posts are NOT ALLOWED.

06. No Japanese fanart here. Just post us a link to the artists' website.

07. DO NOT copy someone's artwork or idea. If you wish to use their artwork, please ask permission and always give credit to the author or artist.

08. aspirea has the right to delete anything that she finds unjust, rudeness, or anything that is involved with breaking the rules.

09. DO NOT type LYKE DIS or L33T. Such examples include 'cus, ish or dis.

10. Keep your media files (music, video, scanlations) in FRIENDS' ONLY posts.

11. The users of this community, rightfully so, DO NOT OWN Prince of Tennis. This community is solely for fans.

12. Please direct all comments, questions, and concerns to the maintainer, aspirea or e-mail at daydream.thestars@gmail.com.


_ryosaku will hold up challenges, themes, and contests most likely every month, week or years. Please take note that we need as much participation to make it more challenging and dramatic. Prizes will be given as well if you join. Of course, the prizes are nothing too extravagant because I'm poor and a college student. Please follow the rules when entering and voting for the challenge or theme. Thank you.

01. All commets are screened. So, no one would look at your voting. Only I, the maintainer have access to look at the votes.

02. What you have submitted must be related to the theme or challenge. If you have a question about the challenge, do not hestiate to e-mail or comment the maintainer.

03. No cheating. Meaning, no stealing other users' icons, fanfics, or fanart. Let's make it fair okay?

04. No voting for yourself.

05. Anything submitted past the deadline will not be accepted and it really depends on how many entries we get.

06. Depending on the challenge, you can post as many as you like.


Every entry is usually tagged. If you are looking something, please look below before requesting or asking. Please note that some entries are locked and if you wish to see it, join the community. Note that things are still changing around and I'm doing my best to organize them as fast as possible. These are in alphabetically order except for the first one.

The Tag List


flysky_high, love_salad, RyoSaku L. Squad Productions
If you wish to affliate with this community, please commet or e-mail the maintainer.


The layout has not yet been done. This will be soon updated with the layout information. Thank you to RyoSaku L. Squad Productions for the image.