gilrs in love

i've seen that show. ilove it but i keep forgeting to watch it. about what u reckon morgan should do, we used to do that last yr, but i think its lame. no offence, but like, its SOOO obvious. BUt i somehow have a feeling emma will say something coz shes in his group, wether i want her to or not. he he. i do, but, he will probably think she made it up
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Hi agen

Hi,tis me agen. how i rite on here! i go to user info and the little note pad pencil thingm, i dunno if it will work for u bout try. i tell you something strange, was happy all day today (cept wen laura was rippin me off) i was srisly high on sumthing, then they were playing wake me wen september ends on the radio, and i just suddenly got heaps depressed and started crying. i felt like such a fool, then i thort id cheer myself up on the piano, but that didn't help co0z no matter wat i did i couldn't get the notes of lwoy out rite, and then it reminded me of how josh didn't talk to me AT all today and i felt even worse. then i started just makin stuff up of the piano, and then i just sat and thought, and then it had passed and i was all cool. its really freaking me out, these flammin 'mood swings" are comming all the time, and its not just like depression, normally i cry heaps and feel totally lost. i've been like this for 2 and a half weeks now, and i swear, i can't take any more, its driving me crackers. i just wana, wana... stop it, wat ever EXACTLY it is. BUt gawd i tell u, if blooming laura cums up to me tommorow, ONE MORE TIME, and says "y do u like josh" i' something horrible. sorry to bore u out, BUT I HAVE TO TALK TO SUM1 coz even tho i saw every one today, i'm so lonley, and its not nice, and i'm so sick of this. i just wish it would go away so i can just be happy chappy agen. Well, i've almost totally recovered from my bout of moodyness, listening to delta always helps, except almost here, thats not kool. well, lots of luv. Unhappy, freia missing, shiting Gealach Uru who can't put the proper puntuation to her name of this thing
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(no subject)

17;11, thats the time the thing says, and my watch say 5;15, and its 2 mins fast so its only 2 mins slow, but oh well. THERE IS STILL A CHANCE
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(no subject)

oh my gawd. i just relised the clock on the LJ thing is 4 mins slow, you know what that means??? it means he could have rote that entry!!! and also, you can change the time it will say, like i can say this entry was written a hundred years from now.

anyhow. today, was a flop, i'lkl be sending you weekly letters from now till ur bday so i'll give a BIGGER discription ina letter, but i don't know if i was avoiding him, or he was avoiding me, but i dont think i sed a word to him, except in homeroom wen i sed, 'yes' coz i wanted a note he was handing out and i think i mighta sed 'thanks' at the end, but thats all i sed ALL day to him. arghh. But i'll tell you another prob i had today, which made me a bit angry, in the letter

quess wat, i have to go to the quack tommorow. more in the letta!!!
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that story!!!

I’m gonna start working on that story, then I’ll put it over hear, or send it to you or something. I have to write character profiles coz I changed the story line a bit to what it was.
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ELLO, i worked it out.

All i know is i'm lost without you. Gord, how long will it take me to get over that song? probably as long as it takes for me to get over Josh, or at least the part were i think of him everytime one of those sort of songs come up. before you know it, i'll think of him when i here "If you think love is blind and i wouldn't see flaws between your lines. no not me, not i."

Hello Freia, we can talk FREELY on this one coz i know for sure "he" can't be reading it!!!
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