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≡ Welcome to Rusted Riot, an [art] community. This community was made to showcase art by a group of artists who are willing to share their ideas with one another. However, please keep in mind this is not a gallery where anyone can post/join.

1; Do NOT steal our art. I will easily catch you.
2; Do not comment/email me for posting access. [If you would like to join this community all you have to do is ask and show me some of your art!]
3; Please give the artists your honest opinions on their works. [No we won't kill you]
4; Put all pictures under an lj-cut!! If you don't know how i'll teach you.

The Artists:
= _kikai:
Style: Realistic Anime.
Medium: Lead Pencil & India Ink.
Programs: Paintshop Pro 7.0 & OpenCanvas.
Features: Mostly Men. [Usually with wings.]

= souppy
Style: Western Anime.
Medium: .03 cent pencil, black gel pen, heavy duty eraser.
Programs: Paintshop Pro 7.0.
Features: Mostly Young Men and Women.

= 5th_symphony
Style: Realistic Anime.
Medium: .5 mech. pencil, watercolor, goache, ink.
Programs: OpenCanvas 3.30E Plus, Photoshop.
Features: Mostly young men and women. [Some creature design.]

= blumchen
Style: Anime [Some realism].
Medium: Digital
Programs: Photoshop 7 & Painter 8
Features: Mostly Women.

= eat_my_feathers
Style: Mostly Shounen manga [Shoujo and Realism].
Medium: Pencil, Ink, Prismacolor Markers and Pencils.
Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Painter, Adobe Illustrator.
Features: Occult.

= sunder_brava
Style: Varies [Realistic Anime - Cartoon].
Medium: 0.5/0.7 lead pencils, colored pencils, india ink.
Programs: Photoshop 7, Intuos Tablet.
Features: Men and Women that vary in age, greatly exaggerated anthro/people.

= dearest [Brushes]
= _kikai [Graphics & Coding]
= Squidfingers [Background]