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Yeaaaaaaaah, I should stop neglecting livejournal xD Worked on another piece yesterday: Aeneas haircut!Collapse )

I actually post up my art on my Sheezyart account way before I remember to on lj xD So if you have a SA account please comment with your sn and i'll add you! I'm also doing art-trades with those that have a SA account! Rules are up there.
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Title: who's afraid?
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Media: Pencil on Bristol
Notes: A piece for my portfolio. Little Red Riding Hood was mentioned on TV, and I always though the Big Bad Wolf was never as scary as he should have been. So..I made my own version. ^^

Who's afraid?Collapse )
Am open for commissions! Check out my journal, pls. :|
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these are triplets i doodled in ink a while ago. one is blind, one is mute, and one is deaf. i followed the "speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil" phrase thing.
they're russian. XP Dimitri has his eyes sewn shut, Vladimir has his mouth sewn shut, and Sergei has his ears sewn shut.

their backstory comes later...
the brothers grimCollapse )

X-posted to _rustedriot and anime_art
Am open for commissions! XD See details in journal.
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Mod Post~

Woah, back from Texas after staying 24 hours in the airport D:<

Anyway, welcoming our new (and probably last member to join) sunder_brava!! Make her feel at home :D!!

Sadly I don't have any new sketches to make this post an actual post but what I do have might help some of you. I ran across this community that gives tutorials that actually helped me, art_skill_trade. Go check it out and be all spiffy!!

And if that's not spiffy enough for you, check out this link filled with offical tutorials on how to CG better and more realistic!
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