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Drama Mag Photoshoot

Drama Magazine Photoshoot
Well, Rupert was featured in the same magazine as Tom Felton. Drama Magazine. His photoshoot reminds me of clockwork orange. like he even reminds me of it. I love his hair as well. So neat with curls at the end of it. So cute!
Anyway, Pics time! (even though I am so not up to it!) Enjoy...I know I did. lol =D

Well, that is it! I love these pics! especially his hair! wonder would happen if he cut it...
I think he tried that in like his third year and he still looked good! God, his skin is like \
blemish free! so pale I will attempt to undress him with my eyes...

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meow give me yaoi


You guys might or might not already have these...they are pictures from Rupert's recent article. Pictures first THEN article. Everything in the article is the same answer as before. So technically, you've heard it before....


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