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A Campaign for an only Emma and Rupert photoshoot!


My friends at Twitter and I are running a "campaign" for an ONLY Rupert & Emma Photoshoot (no Dan, excuse me) and I'm posting here this request because I know lots of people here dream with this too!

This campaign started basicly with the idea of to ask for this photoshoot to Emma through her Twitter account and giving RT to any tweet that asks the same, so she'll get many tweets at her name tag with this special ask.
I know is beyond of her power, but maybe, she could say this to her publicist and contact Rupert's to make our dream coming true.
It's not something impossible and she needs to know we want to see only them together in a photoshoot, and this is, maybe, our last chance!
With both of them filming again, during December, the Epilogue, maybe they could do this too for us!
I think we should try!

If you have a Twitter account or a FaceBook send her a message asking this for the next days!

Some examples:

Dear @EmWatson we, R&Hr shippers are starting a campaign for one (at least) only Emma & Rupert photoshoot to keep you both in our memories!

@EmWatson & Rupert are the cinematic representation of our fav couple in the literature, a photoshoot of you would be awesome!

@EmWatson you and Rupert are the cinematic representation of R&Her. A photoshoot with you both would be a gift to the fans!

Or write your own message and ask for your friends for a RT.

And people, remember, Emma only will be able to read your tweets if you write her name tag @EmWatson on your tweet and if your account be unlocked.

Also we created a Twitition, please sign and give the link to your friends. We'll be sending the link of it everyday for Emma:

We're planning to contact magazines, photographers and WB twitters accounts, asking for this special photoshoot and sending the link for the Twittion.

Yesterday the Brazilian site Oclumência answered me (and their answer already is all over internet) saying Rupert and Emma already made a photoshoot together, but they didn't clarify if it's a Ron and Hermione or a Rupert and Emma photoshoot.
I personally hope we have both and since this maybe will be our last chance, I think we have to make WB marketing people know this very well!:)

Counting with the shippers power here!

Kisses and crossing my fingers***

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