An Opportunity for the BEAUTIFUl girls on here!

I am a scout manager for this company called TooSpoiled, which manages models and actors. I first want to say WOW to a the previous posts and the girls who put some AMAZING photos up. Our company employs tons of casting agents that meet with all kinds of clients from all over the world that are looking for people to do commercials, print ads, catalogs, high fashion, and even movie extras. Its free to get a profile on the site, and its kinda like myspace, the only difference is you'll be able to network and get access to clients who are looking for people like you. You don't need any professional pics or anything, but if you have them, that's good too. You have a place to put professional photos, measurements, etc.

The site is, and if you'd like a referral by using my scout manager ID, use NYJO3411. I'm trusting that since this is a model group, people who use this ID are serious about modeling. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or email me or IM me at Yahoo using the name msnyreejones.


Hey guys I'm new!and I'm a 13 year old male model don't believe me it's true I only have 1 picture right now but I will have atleast 10 by this Saturday plus I need help when you guys leave me a e-mail or comment how do I answer you back I don't know how to do either 1.
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