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Ugly Betty and The L Word

Feb. 11th, 2007 | 05:28 pm
posted by: xkyrie_eleisonx in _running_alone_

And it starts. I'm going to be making a lot of Eric Mabius icons in the future...

93 icons of Daniel Meade from episodes 1 and 15 of Ugly Betty.
45 icons of Tim Haspel from The L Word (some NSFW!)

Note: I apologize for the less-than-stellar quality of many of these, but until I can find high-res caps of either show I just work with what I've got. Also I fail at thinking of interesting text so only like 4 icons have it. I'm completely willing to add text by request, though.

Credit as always can go to _running_alone_. Enjoy.

From Ugly BettyCollapse )

From The L WordCollapse )

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84 Daniel Meade (Ugly Betty) icons

Feb. 8th, 2007 | 02:26 am
mood: enthralledenthralled
posted by: xkyrie_eleisonx in _running_alone_

In the last four days I've watched every episode of Ugly Betty in order to catch up on a series I've really been missing out on. It's GREAT. To be honest I mostly started watching so I could LOL at the fact that the annoying ass Matt Addison from Resident Evil was on a TV show.

But I have fallen hard for Daniel Meade. Now I'll probably be making Matt icons. Figures. I must find out where they're taping this show in LA so I can sneak on set and bribe someone to let me be one of the 10000000000000000 girls Eric Mabius gets to make out with. Bwuahaha.


So here are 84 icons of Daniel Meade, the attractive playboy who is deliciously shirtless in most of the episodes... but not so much in these icons. All pictures are from http://ugly-is-in.com and they are all official promotional photos, so they don't give away much. Potential spoilers through next week's episode, Derailed, but if you've seen up to Brothers you're probably ok since this week's are just Daniel looking his usual bewildered self. XD

I'm pro-Betty/Daniel and anti-Sofia so be warned.

Textless icons are ok as bases, or feel free to ask me for text. Please credit _running_alone_.


*sigh* Daniel...Collapse )

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