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-Rubyshoes- : for gay girls in the UK

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(hear me roar)

[01 Feb 2007|03:06pm]

I've just created a new community and would like to invite you all to take a look.


(hear me roar)

Together Our Dreams Come True! [08 Dec 2006|12:38pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

Come and join our brand-new, result-oriented, glbtq friendly community: “Together Our Dreams Come True!” (glbtq_manifest)

This community is dedicated to glbtq (and anybody who respects glbtq) who want a positive outlook in life to come together and support each other in manifesting our dreams.

More than positive thinking is the Spontaneous Fulfillment of Our Dreams! Manifestation is an easy and fun process that everybody can do! The universe is full of infinite possibilities and opportunities so abundant that everybody is included.

"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind" - Napoleon Hill

Our goals, intentions, desires, and dreams can manifest easily and gracefully through the alliance of two or more people joining together in the spirit of clarity, contribution, gratitude, joy and serenity.

Do you want to tap into the secret of manifestation with the help of a Master Group Mind?

Would you like to benefit from being with a group of resourceful, action-oriented and supportive people who love to see your happiness, fulfillment and success? You can now!

Let us support you in manifesting:

The romantic relationship you desire
The ideal weight and self-image you want to reach
The project you want to complete
The skills you want to excel
The excellent grades you want to get
The financial independence and freedom you want to enjoy
The perfect job you're looking for
The dream holiday you've been longing to have
The best university you want to be part of
The contribution you want to make to your school/ society
The love you want to express to your family
The acceptance you want to receive from your family/ friends/ colleagues
The health and fitness level you want to reach to live your life to the full
The life purpose you're trying to grasp
The book you want to write
The invincible confidence you long to have
The unstoppable happiness you'd like to embrace
And so much more!

Why do you need to do it all on your own? Come and join our community: “Together Our Dreams Come True!” (glbtq_manifest) -- it has been tailor-made to meet your needs. ^_^

(hear me roar)

Pink tickets [01 Dec 2006|12:04pm]


I have 2x Pink tickets for 4th  - at Wembley ... I acidently Bid and won on two lots!!!!

£95 for the pair.... i can give them to you at wembley... or if your local we can arrange a pick -up drop off over the weekend...

Please don't let these go to waste!!!

They are standing tickets as well!!!!


(hear me roar)

FOR SALE [01 Oct 2006|10:18am]

I have lots for sale (clothes on second page)- two pages...please click throu...

Prices in Pounds/aust $

All prices include delivery from Australia.

I've not sold on here before - if you'd like to check out my EBay Feedback -100% and comments  please click here

Items for sale here

Payments by U.K buyer -Paypal Please -  Sapphiredesigns@gmail.com

Payments by aussie buyers -Bank Deposit please. (Email me for details )

Thanks !

(hear me roar)

Shoe love.... [10 Sep 2006|01:21pm]


Aren't they just divine!!!

I don't usually advertise other peoples sales.... but i have to share these witht he world! 
i want the red! dam my long feet...*pout*

click here if you want to know where you can buy them :)

(hear me roar)

Beeunique [03 Sep 2006|12:50pm]

if this is not allowed here please feel free to delete it :)

Beeunique gallery and competition links

Brand new Beeunique Competition - submit photos and possible win of £25

Gallery - Manic Panic & Special Effects Hair Dye Results - From Pink Hair Dye to Rainbow Hair

Beeunique - Manic Panic & Special Effects Hair Dye - Goth, Punk & Alternative items

(hear me roar)

[23 Aug 2006|09:26am]

Hello everybody, I'm Jessica and new to this community!! :)
I'm 16 and am into art, literature, listening to music, etc
just wanting to make new friends/love??? hahahahhahaha i wish...
well anyway, if anybody wants to be friends then please comment,
by the way this is me....

check out my journal for more pictures!!

(hear me roar)

We'd appreciate your input! [06 Jul 2006|04:07pm]

Hi, I'm posting here because it is glbtq related and I feel strongly that your input can really make a difference. However, if it is not in alignment with the essence of this community, please feel free to release this post.

I want to introduce a brand-new homo/bi/t friendly community: happy_gay_life This is a community dedicated to building a positive glbtq image by sharing joyful and constructive experiences of being glbtq.

Ever wonder why there are so few glbtq stories/movies with happy endings? I did.

I figure out that it has to come from us. We've got to count our blessings and share these lovely moments with each other: the special moments that bring smiles to our faces, that make our hearts sing, that tickle us, that move us to tears of joy ... on a daily basis.

Every time you share a line of joy, you're contributing to building a positive glbtq image and creating a better life for yourself.

Come! Join us and have some fun!Come! Join us and have some fun!

(1little whisper | hear me roar)

So much exciting news [02 Dec 2005|10:55am]


We've had a lot of amazing things happen for us at Heroine Films this month. A lot of it do to support from this community and others. We've gathered support from a lot of different places but honestly, Livejournal has shown us the most amazing people.

So as for what's up: We have finally posted the interview that we did on the NC television show Second Cinema.  You can watch it in at www.heroinefilms.net/scinterview.html

There is an article coming out about us in this months upcoming issue of CURVE Magazine. I believe it comes out on the 15th if you'd like to check it out. Also, MTV's new LGBTQ channel LOGO has put together a package for us for advertising purposes (we'll be showing our trailer to the over 13 million homes LOGO already goes to) and they are interested in buying the finished film. As I said in the last update, we also got a large portion of our funding from the production company AMVF. 

Thank you so much to all of those who have supported us. It is all your continued letters, emails, comments, and donations that has made this possible. There is no way we can express how much it means to us.

                                                    xoxox, the gals at heroine films


(1little whisper | hear me roar)

Just Saying Hi [01 Dec 2005|01:28am]

Hi there all, I'm actually from the u.s and go to penn state university in pa, but you seem like a cool bunch and i decided to join. also, instead of wasting time with schoolwork i spend many hours working on a few queer related online stores that i own and design for. i have a lot of lgbtqa designs and just wanted to see if you all might like them.

So, my store is called A Queer Little Store For Equality Come check it out. There is a neat rainbow heart design and an equality design.

My other stores are:
Simply Rainbow - self explanitory, a rainbow design on anything you can think of (great for buttons...)
Womyn Thangs - a store promoting women's rights and equality

and just for laughs: The SHOCKA! - it makes me and my friends laugh. and really we all secretly love the shocker. and if not, well... you just got tmi. heh.

so, check em out and let me know what you think or (shock) buy something. think of the holidays and all your wonderful queer friends! and i do apologize if this isn't an appropriate place to post such a message.


(hear me roar)

good news [27 Oct 2005|12:37am]


Because we have gotten support from this community in the past I thought I would share our most recent news...


We have gotten a LARGE portion of our funding!!...more details (and how YOU can help) at www.heroinefilms.net

(hear me roar)

[26 Oct 2005|04:39pm]


Join - Post - Love uk_lesbians

(1little whisper | hear me roar)

~a ex-posted- intro~ [13 Oct 2005|03:06pm]

I'm the girl who sits besides you and randomly yells out LESBIANS, and knows the names of all the people walk by. I'm wierd ... and beautful. Well my kind of beautiful ... I write when ever I can ... but I tend to think in rythem when things start to go wronge ... my who life can be written in prose ... I'm Pansexual and well I'm me ... but I'm here ... and I'm willing to go for the ride :) This is meCollapse )

I'm 18 and from the UK, I like meeting new people and I've been known to go home with strangers :)I think life is what you make it ... and I'm making mine sparkly. I'm -single- and in some ways I am looking ... but I also know the one I want isn't here yet ... LJ friends make me happy so add me love me ... my old LJ is Callmekatarina if you want to know who I was but if you want to know who I'll be ... add me at for_your_lover ... inspired by a London Street Singer


(hear me roar)

toys [13 Sep 2005|02:24am]

under construction but useable!
sorry if i shouldn't be posting this...

(hear me roar)

[12 Jul 2005|09:57am]

..Join x__unpretty Today!!..

(hear me roar)

[12 Jul 2005|08:53am]

hey people, as this is a uk community and so is mine i was hoping maybe at least one person might like to join my communities ukshop and ukshop_feedback (and if you're really kind you could help me cheer my friend up by joining her community uk_lesbians)
P.S i understand if this gets deleted

(3little whispers | hear me roar)

[09 Jul 2005|09:51pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey im new and i'm lookin for friendship or love whatever it's up to u. Know more

click here to no moreCollapse )

(1little whisper | hear me roar)

[25 May 2005|09:13pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey just joined, this is what Iv been looking for a UK based bi girls comunity so hi everyone, where you all from?
Name- Natalie
Age-17 (18in 3 months)
Location- Manchesterish
there are pics on my user info page


(3little whispers | hear me roar)

[24 May 2005|10:54am]

Ok, so i'm now officially single, and everything seems numb. part of me is just so angry. i feel like the
last 5 years of my life (spent with my gf) has been a big waste, and i'm right back to being that miserable
lonely person i used to be. I thought we'd be forever, and had our life planned out, everything. But
now thats all gone. I would have loved her forever no matter what. I just dont know what i'm going to do.
I'm 24, have hardly any friends, there's no where i can go to meet people, and i'm not very confident.
Plus on top of that my now ex-girlfriend has left me feeling ugly and unwanted. Sorry, i'm just having a hard time.
hh x

(2little whispers | hear me roar)

herlo [09 May 2005|02:05pm]

[ mood | content ]

hey, my name is emma and this is my first post *woo*. okie, im 18 and from scotland and just kind of realised i was bi, and the more and more i tried to deny it the more it made sense to me. so here i am. im a student studying professional writing, but after summer im going off to dundee uni to study english. im so dull lol. anyway, just thought i'd search for some like minded people and say hi *waves*

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