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Portland Show

July 20th at the Paris Theater (Portland, Oregon)

Super cool band from New Jersey, Royden (
Kill Your Ex (another super cool band)
The Maple Lane (super cool band #3)
Goodwill (you guessed it yet another super cool band)
Blue Ember (possibly the coolest)

7 dollars a ticket, the show will be worth every one

If you want tickets or info, im me: ParisKitty16 or you can give me a call 503-544-5815

See you there

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    I saw you guys play in Lima with HTL, good show! I bought the cd too and I like it! Come back to Lima sometime...

  • August 11 @ Bloomfield Ave. Cafe


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    royden has 2 great shows this week. the 1st is at hamilton street cafe on wed july 7th and the second is at the internet cafe in red bank nj on july…

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