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So in ROY the basketball season has started and it is so far going good. The girls have won both their games. and the boys have lost but only by like five point or less.

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I cant believe you guys beat Des Moines!! In 4 sets!! SO AWESOME!
Im so proud of you guys and I wish I could be there to celebrate with yall!

Love ya times a million!! AND WAY TO GO!!
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well now not much in roy is happening. The Roy volleyball tournament is takeing palce this weekend.
On Thursday there is a volleyball game in Dora.
There is a football game in magdelena. Its the boys favorite one cause it is an over night trip.HA
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Dear Roy Volleyball Players,

Just so you know. Mr Mann is like, a fucking awesome coach. For serious. I mean, yeah hes an asshole but the shit hes coaching is fucking perfect.
Now, having another coach, I see this in a new light.

PS Yeah that means pay attention cuz he knows his shizzit.
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Ok what i am about to say can or could have been written in my LJ but since this community is for this info i'll write it in here.

Friday- Roy Lady Longhorns travel to Maxwell to play in the tourney up there. They lost in five games aginst Agular. That night the Longhorn football team hosted the Logan Longhorns. The score was 0-50 in favor of Logan. The good news is that they made all 4 quaters.

Saturday- Lady longhorns went back to Maxwell were they played at 9 in the AM. They beat Springer in three. Later on that night at 5 (they had to stay there all day) they beat Premeiro in three. And won consolation.