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The Roxy Cuties [entries|friends|calendar]
Roxy Cuties

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Im A _RoxyxCutie Wannabe [Friday
10:36am September 14th]

WannabeCollapse )
of the ocean

7:22pm September 13th]



This is a community for all those girls who like to snowboard, skateboard, wakeboard, surf, and everything elese that includes a board.
Feel free to join and talk about clothing, upcoming events, post pictures of yourself, your board or better yet you in action. Look for friends to go ride with. Want to sell your board? This is the place to be!
Girls, we can d it better than the boys!
of the ocean

“Im A_ RoxyxCutie Wannabe” [Sunday
4:26pm April 15th]
[ mood | excited ]

Melanie or Melonz




I’ve been snowboarding for 3 years

I love Ski Liberty and Whitetail

Burton and Roxy gear

I can do jumps but not grind rails

Shawn White

Favorite band: Jumpsuit Apperatus or Simple Plan

Music: All kinds-hip hop, r&b, pop, rock

Fav movie: She’s the Man, Bring it On

Fav food: tacos

I LOVE pacsun

Probably Roxy but Billabong is awesome too



I love to snowboard and roxy. pacsun is one of my fav stores to shop in

No I don’t know who Megan Abubo is

No I don’t know who Alexis Waite.. but I think I’ve heard her name before

I’m kind of new to living journals but from other things I usually stay with with my community

I would tell all my friends on living journals to go check it out

I was seaching for a community under snowboarding.
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Im A _RoxyxCutie Wannabe [Sunday
8:32pm November 19th]

-Name: Guro
-Age: 15
-Location: Norway, Europe
-Do you surf, snowboard or skate? Im snowboarding

Ride on the snowCollapse )
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3:42pm November 15th]

Ok so this is the first Official Batch of new icons. I've been busy so it's taken a while for me to get new ones made, but I'm really pleased with some of them.
39 Total
7 Stock
2 Wish
3 Village
3 Snowboarding
13 Green Day (3 Hand Grenade, 3 Billie, 6 Mike, 1Tre later in the icons)
1 Cobra Starship
4 Snakes on a Plane
1 Tre Cool
1 Master Shake
1 Waynes World
2 Pride and Prejudice
2 Green Day Lyrics

Find the rest here at my new icon community icon_bin.
of the ocean

Snow! [Friday
9:27am August 18th]

So, all last week I was at Mt Ruapehu sitting my CSI, and I planned on there being loads of pictures for ya'll to see, except, well, I got concussion, and spent most of the week walking around the Noob Slopes watching Level 1 and 2 progression classes.

. . .


I figured I'd post anyway, and show my Roxy loyalty (note the awesome jacket)Collapse )
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11:19am August 14th]

Whats going on here?
it seems like everyone has disappeared again...
coommeee onnnn!

Okay, I'm trying one last time.
What's everyone's best summer memory so far?
Here's mine, where's yours?Collapse )
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7:14pm July 27th]

So since lots of the new gear has been appearing, it got me thinking...
what's one thing you are planning on buying for this season?
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7:09pm July 22nd]

well, seeing as how i haven't been able to get ahold of the other mod (alla) and i went back and check the Contest Entry thingy. and i read that i had written, "the person with the most points wins" so on that note, i guess were going to have to do the person with the most points wins. and on that note, WE HAVE A WINNER.

and the actuall winner, decided to delete their LJ account? which makes no sense. so you loose.
SO we have a new winner, who in fact had only 1 less point then the person who deleted their journal so it was very close. with a total of 33.5 points


with this picture:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

now since we didn't get 20 entries, we only recieved 10, but since we didn't recieve 10 that means the prize is going to be like a keychain or something. im not exactly sure yet. i haven't picked it out. so maybemaybemaybe, to claim your prize please email me at burtonboarder61@gmail.com and i need you to send me the following information
...and your picutre is going to be made into a banner for the community. is that okay?

....and thats it. but good job on everyone who entered. there were some really good pictures :)
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2:57pm July 21st]

Contest ends in Aproximatly 9 hours.... so make sure you've gotten your entries in, and voted on all the entries. also. i was wondering which way you think is Fairer to grade the entries. should it be the total points that that person haves, or should is be the total points they recieved divided by the total points they could have recieved by the people that voted for them. if we do it the second way it judges out that not many people voted for them. for example.

lets say someone voted 3. and then someone else voted a 4. the total points they could have gotten was 10, because only 2 people voted. so they got a 7/10. then times that by 100 and you get an average. and the person with the highest average wins? or should it be okay this person got a total of 30 points so they beat the person that only got 29 points.

im curious to see what you guys think is more fair. i'm going to talk to Alla (the other mod) to see what she thinks. but im curious to see what you guys think is more fair.
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Hey [Thursday
10:22am July 20th]

I dono if that contest thing is still going on, but since everyone has snowboarding and surfing... i decided to get some skatin in here. sorry idont have any pics on my computer, so this is as good as i can do.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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7:41pm July 19th]

PICTURE for the contest.

hey its on the Ron Jons Website

Last one on the left <3
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Contest 1-entry 1 [Wednesday
6:01pm July 19th]

dinosaurs will die!Collapse )
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11:25pm July 19th]


Russia, Saint-Petersburg

Well, as the Contest is postponed, i think i should try!Collapse )
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1:53pm July 19th]

okay well there was a request to postpone the ending of the contest till friday.
WELL. i wasn't able to get a hold of the other Mod Alla. sooo i guess im going to have to make a split decision. so i decided why not. SO. the contest has been postponed Till Friday. 11:59 PM (-5:00 GMT time) thats Eastern Time.  i think. i don't even know my own Time Zone.  BUT. yeah. so i don't know if i actually posted the FAQ up like i had planned i had written it out but i can't find it. so im guessing i didn't actually hit POST. but you're aloud to have 3 Entries. so for the people that have posted 2. you have 1 more left :)

now because i lengthened the contest till Friday, i'm expecting for there to be ALOT more entries. so get people to enter. do whatever the hell you have to do. idk.

oh and did anyone get the new Transworld Snowboarding Magazine for September yet? i got mine today. it's pretty good issue :) there are some really good pictures. and from Roxy Snowboarder Erin Comstock, she shows us step by step on how to do a Frontside Boardslide. oh and theres a new ad ive never seen before by Roxy. it's Kjersti Buass who won the 2006 Olympic Bronze in Womens Halfpipe. and then theres a whole sescotion abut people falling on rails and wiping out doing tricks.  Oh and theres an Interview with Shuan White.
If my scanner worked it would Scan it for the people who don't get Transworld Snowboarding. but it's not. i might be able to get it working though. i will try. or i have a better idea. anybody who gets Transworld Snowboarding who has a scanner that actually works want to Scan the  interview with Shuan white? and possibly the how to do a Frontside Boardslide?
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11:57am July 17th]

My friends are super excited about this movie so I thought I'd share...

Honestly, I can't wait to see it...
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contest entry [Sunday
5:05pm July 16th]

Sorry, I had to get this one off my nexopia because the original is on my laptop.
This was in the beginning of the year on a tiny little box in the Whistler Blackcomb Park.

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Contest UNO! [Sunday
6:59pm July 16th]

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Contest 1 - Entry 2 [Sunday
5:45pm July 16th]

Doing a second entry. This time the quality is mucho better!

Hood times, rad times!Collapse )
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Contest One [Sunday
10:36pm July 16th]

Okay, because I know burtonboarder61 was so keen for entries:

Contest EntryCollapse )
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