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_rottenxxriot's Journal

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A little bit about us
We are a rotten fucking rating community but were not elitist fucks who set up stupid standards and if you don't look act and have the same opinions as us we don't think your a fucking moronic loser. We like people who are different because it makes shit interesting. If you suck and aren't active don't join seriously. If you don't have a working digital camera and can never post pictures don't join. If you promote more then you post don't join. If your rotten,cool,smart and interesting then fucking join!

Applicant rules!
1.No bashing mods or other members,if they say no.
2.Promote in atleast 3 places, if you can't well understand.
as your lj-cut text.
4.Be rotten to applicants, its the point of the community.
5.Be atleast 15,unless you are SUPER awesome.
6.Apply within 48 hours of joining or fuck off.
7.If your a dumb bitch whith way to much hair + makeup, you probly care way to much about what people think of you to join here, so go away cakeface.

Rules for members
1. Be rotten as shit to the applicants.
2.Be active.
3.Don't be bitchy
4.Promote this shit out of this place.
5.Don't act like you own the fucking universe,because you don't.
6.Be active after being accepted, or i'll blow off your face.
7. When voting put ,YES/NO in the subject line so i don't have to read every single vote.
8. Stay active or we'll anal fuck you.
9.Lurkers are idiots don't fucking lurk!
10.If you get rejected or lose a challenge suck it up and leave, don't be bitter (remember its JUST a fucking rating community!!)

Made it Easy.

clicheguevara00- MOD
(if you wanna mod lemmie no, i'm tryin to get this place goin again!)

show us what you've made bitches.

All Banners are on the members page..
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