undeadcasualty (undeadcasualty) wrote in _rottenxxriot,

 Name/Nickname:  lauren casualty; leaf-eater; dipshit
Age:  15
Sex:  cunt
 Where are you from:  florissant, missouri
Significent other?   [pictures are nice]  i'm dating around now, no one special.
Hobbies (yes we do consider drinking a hobby here) writing, flo-punk basement shows, movies, terrorizing little children, you know, the usual.

write three words you would use to descibe yourself:

(10+) Favourite bands?
the casualties, streetlight manifesto, operation ivy,
demented are go!, horrorpops, the briefs, the templars,
cockney rejects, antischism, conflict, crass,
agnostic front, angelic upstarts, the virus, vice squad,

Whats your take on
Emo kids: eh, whatever.
Scene/fashion core: i think it's silly
Scenester "punx": they bother me a little
Metalheads: ha! i went out with a russian metalhead last night
Your local scene: it's pretty decent, and i love my florissant punks.
Bush/war: fuck.
Vegetarians?: i'm vegan.
Vivisection?: pisses me off; rotten fucks.
Rating communities?: i've seen some communities,
who are way too serious about it, but they're fun.
Who is the worst representation on punk? uhhhh shit, thats a tough one. greenday?
Why should we even accepted you? you probably shouldn't, but for argument's sake-- i'm extremely blunt and honest, plus i've got a rotten side and it's pretty dirty.
Impress us or make us laugh:

Tell us a good story:
i don't know any good stories.
i'm sorry, really. i wish i did.


rain or snow? rain
lipstick or eyeliner? eyeliner
Clean or dirty? i like both equally, just depends on the day
self mutulation or alcoholism? self-mutilation
Rolling stones or The Beatles? must i choose? i don't favor either of them.
#1 or #2? 2
drunk or high? high on life?
steak or chicken? mock-chick'n is 59894 times better than mock steak.

Pictures (minimum 4,max 15)
chronologically varied throughout the year so far--

i don't know how this one happened =\

this one makes me look like a whore, i giggle at it.

One for the members page?:


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