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Name/Nickname: Lee
Age: 19
Sex: femme
Where are you from: Island of Jersey (uk)
Significent other? Not at the moment...
Hobbies (yes we do consider drinking a hobby here) Guitar playing, screaming, painting out my emotions.
(1) my user info
(2) I will find somewhere to promote soon
(3) Honest!
write three words you would use to descibe yourself: Erratic, artistic, ballistic

(10+) Favourite bands?
Neil Young, Sleater-Kinney, Sex Pistols, Bikini Kill, Nirvana, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, PJ Harvey, Ani Difranco, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Lunachicks, Hole, Sonic Youth, Bratmobile, The Gits, Garbage

Whats your take on
Emo kids: Undecided
Scene/fashion core: I've no idea what's in or out as it is, so no opinion.
Scenester "punx": Annoying
Metalheads: funny/cool
Your local scene: There's no scene and if there was it would just be shit as everything here is shit.
Bush/war: fucked
Vegetarians?: It's understandable.
Vivisection?: fucked up
Rating communities?: some are just bitchy, some are cool.
Who is the worst representation on punk? not sure
Why should we even accepted you? Look at me! LOOK AT ME!! OK, you'll probably hate me anyway.
Impress us or make us laugh: I can't.


rain or snow? snow
lipstick or eyeliner? eyeliner
Clean or dirty? dirty
self mutulation or alcoholism? alcoholism
Rolling stones or The Beatles? rolling stones
#1 or #2? #2!
drunk or high? drunk
steak or chicken? chicken

Picures (minimum 4,max 15)

One for the members page?: You decide... if such a time comes.

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