January 23rd, 2006

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if oyu are firends with this bitch i seriously think you need to look at her again. hahahhaha

hahahha omg i think im gonna throw up im launging my ass off. hahahha
this bitch has a serious attitude problem and tries to be ur cutest friend Emily. I stole her man she STOLE MY PERSONALITy. and i almost kicked her fat ass.
I just wanted to tell anyone that comes across her on livejournal. ugly bitch, 15 year old whore, fucks her friends dads, pussy smells like horse butthole, fucks for silver coins. i hate this bitch. its really sad when you hate urself. and esp[ecilly if you try to be ppl and LURK AROUND THEIR FUCKING JOUNALS.
thank you.
your cutest friend