Room 101

The place you can come to dispose of your pet hates

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This community was created with one purpose in mind - to vent.

Originally, Room 101 was the room in George Orwell's 1984 which contained "the worst thing in the world". The BBC took this concept and turned it into a TV show in which various celebreties talked about things that they hate.

We've taken the idea one step further.

Feel free to say as much as you like, with as much eloquence, or even swearing, as you feel.

There's only one rule - If you love something and someone else hates it, don't flame them. Active debate is ok, offensive comments are not, you will be removed if you start being abusive.

Pictures to illustrate what you're talking about would also be nice. But not obligatory.

When you've made your case for that particular thing going into Room 101, other members can then vote as to whether they think it should go in. If it goes in, it goes on a list, and shouldn't be re-nominated. If it stays out, people are welcome to try to get it in again - but more persuasively!

The Small Print
This community is the brainchild of thefairmelissa and moderated by sa_ra_ra_ra.