[kill kill kill till theres nothing left to kill]

[Fucking Zombies]
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A community for bitches who fuck shit up ♥

If you're just another one of those crazy bitches with the need or drive to fuck shit up then I think this community is the place for you...

Dyed_Fried_Formaldehyde is in essence a community created for crazy ladies, but if you're a cool fucking guy and like to fuck shit up I'm sure you'll do too.

If you think you're bitch enough:
Send me a picture of yourself (preferably one in which you are fucking shit up)
List a few things that you have currently fucked up/plan on fucking up in the near future (explain with some detail and name AT LEAST two or you suck.)
Answer some of these questions:

1. Would you ever kill anyone?

2. Are you a fan of pain?

3. Do you start fights or finish them?

4. Name someone you would kill if you had the chance (last names need no apply)

5. Are you in a gang?

6. Are you a fan of gangsta rap?

7. Do you do drugs?

8. What drug would you do if death or addiction wasn't a major issue for you?

9. Explain why you answered what you did for #8

10. Why do you want to join this community?

♥ ♥ ♥

Finally - the fucking rules!
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[-if you wanna hate someone, dont hold back, call out bitches...start a riot!
-don't cry to me or ANYONE in this community about your love life or personal problems...no time for tears when you're cappin' niggas!
-Use a LJ Cut for multiple or large pictures (or extremely large entries)
-comment frequently or get the fuck out
-vote when necessary
-Bring your friends ;)]

..That's about it for now bitches..

[when the community is larger it will be more strict and secret but for now it's pretty slack-y]