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My Rock is Classic Rock

Classic Rock Makes the World Go 'Round
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This is a classic rock community, man! It's where it all began.

My username is dazedwarpig and I'm your community hostess.

The only rules/regulations I have are these:
1. Talk about classic rock or at least something related.
2. When you first enter:
Name, or what you want your name to be:
Favorite Bands:
Anything else:
(just so we could get to know you a little)
3. Pictures, text, anything is really fine for your entries. If you're going to promote a community, I'd really prefer you to make it for a specific band instead of an actual classic rock site. For example, a Led Zeppelin community.

Yeah, pretty simple.

and thanks to michaeltaylor for this picture:

(no, of course these aren't the only great classic rock artists...just for you to get a taste of what we're about :-D)


музыка, праздники