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Hey, I'm Topi 16 years old. I've been a Guns fan for about five years now.
I love all the guys, but Axl has to be my favorite, next in line would be Izzy.
I love the new GNR to death, I love (from what i've heard through bootlegs/leaks) the new direction that Axl is taking GNR.
But, The orginal GNR, with, Adler, Duff, Axl, Slash and Izzy, will always be my favorite.
And to start conversation.
Anyone catch wind of the leak of The new Guns song "IRS?" I was on The My gnr forms all that weekend, and got most of the clips. (Give me an IM sometime if you want the clips.)
They we're pulled off due to the Axl camp requesting the website that the clips be pulled off. (And, I get most of my info from
Anyone hear of the Buckethead/ Serj Tankian(lead singer of system of a down) project, doesnt really have to do with GNR, But eh.
Rock on.
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