December 2nd, 2004


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I'm pissed at the Outpatients. False advertising, name dropping, favor calling little bitches. I bought their new CD "Anxious Disease" at the local record store because it was filed under Guns N Roses. It says on the jacket "Featuring Slash, Izzy, Duff, and Steve from Guns N Roses." So I figured it was Velvet Revolver the prequel. No, it is a bunch of chumps who happen to know all the gunners. The Gunners do not make up this band; they don't even appear on the tracks together, they just do some guest spots. They don't even show up in the liner notes. These songs, except for a couple (the first track, and the title track being exceptions) pretty much suck ass. They are everything Guns N Roses blew away back in the 80s. The crap powerballads sound like something Poison left on the edit room floor. I can just see Brett Michaels being like "these songs are so lame, I don't even think Winger would record them." Ladies and Gents this is not a long lost Guns N' Roses album. These guys suck. The Guitar licks are decent in a few songs (owing mostly to the Gunners guest appearences, I'm sure). The lyrics are lame, trite, and overindulgent. These guys should hang it up right now. And may they burn in hell for invoking the name of Guns N Roses to sell records.
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