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The rockers of LJ

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About _Rock_Stars

We are the rockers of LJ. We judge 55% on your personality and 45% on your appearance. We are open to female as well as male applicants.

Your Mods




For applicants:
1. Do not argue with accepted members. First offence, you will get a warning. Second offence, you will be banned.
2. Post your application under an LJ cut.
3. Copy the application into the rich text mode.
4. Post within 48 hours of joining.
5. In the application, when it asks you to choose between rock on or rock out, respond with "Rock out with your cock out!" so we know you read the rules.
6. Do not post anywhere else in the community (except on your application) until you are accepted.
7. If you are rejected, you may apply again after three days. When reapplying, use the application you DID NOT use before. Be sure to think through your application, and use different pictures than before. If you get rejected a second time, then you probably just aren't right for this community. Perhaps you could try looking somewhere else. =)
8. Try to spell correctly and use propper grammar. You could always put your application in Word and spell check it. =)
9. Be sure you put effort into your application. Lazy applicants lead to poor applications which leads to rejection.
10. When joining, you must add _rock_stars to your friends list.
11. If you're a homophobe, don't even think about joining this community. Both your mods are completely supportive of homosexuals, so if you are a homophobe, you will most likely get a no from both of us.
For members:
1. Post! We love we see pictures and hear out your life. We want to keep the community active!
2. Please don't start drama here. If you have any issues, take it elsewhere.
3. When voting on applicants, use the + and - method, and put your answer in the subject line. You must have at least one reason to why you like or dislike the person.
4. If you are going away, please post a notice to let us know. Otherwise, we may think you're inactive.
5. Don't fight with your mods. We're the shit. We can do what we want. Don't fuck with us. We own the community and we can kick you out if you piss us off.
6. Please ask before you advertise any other communities. Both of your mods have AIM screen names, MySpaces, and emails. If you need to contact us, there are plenty of ways to do it.
7. Promote! I know this can be a pain, but it really does help. Please promote and help this community grow. You are a part of it, and we don't want it to die out.



Be sure to promote! The more promotions, the more applicants, members, and activity.

Accepted/Rejected Banners

Click the buttons to see what you'll get if you're accepted or rejected.