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Hey! Im so sorry guys I havent been active lately. I've been through a lot of shit. My ex used me and then dumped me...ugh I hate him. then recently my friend asked me if id like to move in with him in his parents house because theyre going to rent it out for only $300 a month, but the only thing is i need a job. well i cant get one well its a long story why. now im depressed because i want to get the hell out of my house. i cant deal with my mom. shes annoying as hell and any of my friends would agree with me and shes way overprotective..so yea anyways..thats about it.

how have you guys been?

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Updates/New contest

Your mod is officially ungrounded. w00t!

So. Since I've gotten on, I've done a little editing of the community. I added the accepted/rejected banners that ravynvampire oh so kindly made for us, edited the points rules, and added the points that people have so far.

Might I remind everyone that today is the last day of November, which means tomorrow I shall be awarding someone with the title of Rock Star of the Month. Currently, violentwhispers and x3__gore_juss are tied with 16 points. Now would be a good time to rack up your points today with extra posts or promo's. The theme is still going on, so feel free to post pictures that relate to that!

Also, I'm going to set forth a new contest.

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I believe that's all for now. Tomorrow, we will announce the Rock Star of the Month. That is, if there's not a tie.

Your Mod,
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Activity Check/points/whatnot

First off...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone gets to stuff their faces with turkey, stuffing, pie, and everything else that's included in a Thanksgiving feast.

Now onto business.

Yes, I'm still grounded. I'm sneaking on. I believe I'll officially be ungrounded by the end of the November, so it's pretty close.

Also, by the end of November, I will be counting points and deciding the Rock Star of the Month. I will be adding the points of October and Novemer together, since there wasn't much activity for those two months. So start posting and get your points up!

I'm also conducting an activity check. This is the list of members we have as of now:

Not many, yet every single one of you contribute to this community and make it what it is. Therefore, we don't want _Rock_Stars to die, and we need your help to save it! So please post and promote. I'm not forcing anyone to promote right now, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd just copy and paste the code in your own lj or a community. Not to mention if you post your links, you get points for it! So why not kill two birds with one stone?

As for the points... Not many of you have contributed since the point system has started, and therefore, only three of you have points right now. They are:
ravynvampire - 16
violentwhispers - 10
x3_gore_juss - 18

So. As you can see, we need more of you to contribute to the theme, or just post anything! Pictures, stories, what's happening in your life, something you wanted to share with us... anything! You get points for EVERY post! So please, post and promote and keep this community alive!

Your Mod,
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Yes, I'm grounded. Long story and I don't feel like getting into it. But I'm supposed to be let off my grounding the end of November. I'm sneaking on right now, and I did some accepting/rejecting of members and whatnot.



For all our members, please participate in the contest and theme. Once I'm ungrounded, I promise to start working out the points everyone has recieved and getting this community on its feet. Until then, do what you can to keep _rock_stars alive. Post and promote!

Thanksss. <3.

Your Mod,
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Hey all. Its Trish. A while ago, Sarah said that she was going to come up with a contest type thing to help get things active. Well, she got grounded. So she left the task up to me and I think I've finally came up with one. There will be two parts because some people might not do the one and what not. Click on each part to see what to do//exaples. You can do both if you really feel like it, but include which one you want to be voted on.

Some ground rules are
1-Minumum of 3 pictures. More are welcome and are better.
2-As I said in the first one, if you take pictures from a friend, and they said you could, please make a note that they were not taken by you. We don't care (well, I don't), as long as the person get credited.
3-I know for me due to uploading them to the Internet makes the picture a little grainy and what not. Please don't be mean if something looks really good but bad because of that.
4-No nudity. End of story. Some people think its cool, a turn-on or whatever, I don't. Showing skin is okay. But no boobs, penises, butts, or anything else that doesn't need to be seen. You will get banned if you do.
5-Offensive pictures need a warning. I know most of you don't care, but its for those who do.
6-Put it all under a Lj-cut.
7-have fun.

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