December 4th, 2005


Good job on posting guys! Although we have few members, I really appreciate that you're posting. By the way, if any of you might have any friends you think would fit this community, PLEASE tell them to apply. We need members. Badly.

Next on the order of business...

Co-Mods. I have been informed of two of our members who would be interested. violentwhispers and x3__gore_juss are both interested in the position. Because we are in dire need of activity and more managment (not to mention members as well), I just might give them both a position on our admin. I'll have to talk to Trish about it.

And before I forget...

Rock Star of the Month banner for Rag DollCollapse )

Points have been updated as well.

And I believe that's it. Remember to participate in the theme! I might just for the hell of it.

Your Mod,
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