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Updates/New contest

Your mod is officially ungrounded. w00t!

So. Since I've gotten on, I've done a little editing of the community. I added the accepted/rejected banners that ravynvampire oh so kindly made for us, edited the points rules, and added the points that people have so far.

Might I remind everyone that today is the last day of November, which means tomorrow I shall be awarding someone with the title of Rock Star of the Month. Currently, violentwhispers and x3__gore_juss are tied with 16 points. Now would be a good time to rack up your points today with extra posts or promo's. The theme is still going on, so feel free to post pictures that relate to that!

Also, I'm going to set forth a new contest.

1. Pick a song that has a meaning to you.
2. Post the lyrics IN ITALLICS under an LJ cut.
3. Decipher the lyrics.
4. Describe their meaning to you.
EXTRA: Describe a situation in which those lyrics applied to you.

Good luck! =)

I believe that's all for now. Tomorrow, we will announce the Rock Star of the Month. That is, if there's not a tie.

Your Mod,
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