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Greetings music lovers! I would like to pass along a Modern Rock Band I play with called StillLine. The music is all original, so any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. If yah like what you hear, spread the word!

Click link below to take you there

Keep on Rockin!


Good job on posting guys! Although we have few members, I really appreciate that you're posting. By the way, if any of you might have any friends you think would fit this community, PLEASE tell them to apply. We need members. Badly.

Next on the order of business...

Co-Mods. I have been informed of two of our members who would be interested. violentwhispers and x3__gore_juss are both interested in the position. Because we are in dire need of activity and more managment (not to mention members as well), I just might give them both a position on our admin. I'll have to talk to Trish about it.

And before I forget...

Rock Star of the Month banner for Rag DollCollapse )

Points have been updated as well.

And I believe that's it. Remember to participate in the theme! I might just for the hell of it.

Your Mod,
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New Theme

Thanks to all who have participated in the contest so far, as well as those who have posted random things. <3s to you all.

Now, I'm sure most of you remember the theme that Trish posted a while back? Well, I now claim that theme CLOSED.

See new theme here.Collapse )

Yep, I believe that's it for right now.


Your Mod,

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Rock Star of the Month

And the Rock Star of the Month is....


Congrats! Your banner will be made soon, I can assure you, but first I need you to post a picture of you in a comment on this entry so I can put it on the banner. =)

As for the rest of you, be sure to post and promote! The points have been cleared for this month, but kstar987 has already been awarded with ten points. Honestly, people, it's not that hard to earn points, Just post! Anything! Including promotions (hint hint). Yes, you get points for those too. Two PER promo! So if you do five promos, that's ten points right there! So pleeease post and keep this place alive.

Perhaps I'll be looking for co-mods as well. Trish has some problems with her AOL blocking crap, so I think we might need some help. If anyone's interested, IM me at xRainWhispersx or just leave a comment here.

Your Mod,
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