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____// rock is sex

♥ we know we rock
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All Members , Moderated

we're a brand new community, just getting going. we're for anyone who loves music. yes, it's a rating community. bad ratings are not the end of the world. first five members are auto-accepted, but still expected to fill out applications. have fun. join. promote!

.x. THE RULES .x.
x. this is a rating community and people can voice their opinions. don't disrespect stamped members or mods. we'll ban you.
x. if you're posting more than three pictures of if your pix are huge, USE AN LJ-CUT!
x. post your app behind an lj-cut.
x. stamped members: put your vote in the subject line or in bold in the body of your comment.
x. if you are rejected, you can reapply after three days.
x. just to be sure you read these, put 'rocksex' as the subject on your post when you apply.
x. have a nice day.

♥, the mods- skank_scene_ (amber) and justlike_you (haylee)



.x. INVITES .x.

the basics
x. name:
x. age:
x. location:

what are your..
x. hobbies:
x. top 10 bands:
x. top 5 movies:

we want more
x. who is your favorite songwriter and why?
x. if you could make a rock super group, who would be in it, and why?
x. do you play an instrument/write/sing or have any other artistic talents?
x. is your hair hot sex? if yes, show us:
x. any tattoos, piercings, or scars?

x. book:
x. author/poet:
x. band to see live:
x. quote:

your opinion on..
x. president dubya bush:
x. homosexuality:
x. mental illness:
x. being scene:
x. mainstream (mtv) music:
x. reality tv:

fun pictures
x. post a picture of something you think is beautiful.
x. post a picture of something that makes you ill.
x. post a picture of something that'll make us laugh.

show your face!
x. post some pix for us to adore or abhor:

important business
x. how'd you hear about us?
x. do you know a mod personally? if so, who?
x. and last, but not least, why should we accept you?