hey all

the basics
x. name: Ashley
x. age: 19
x. location: Muskegon, MI

what are your..
x. hobbies: cooking, scrapbooking, going to concerts, hanging out with my friends and family, partying, reading, watching movies with the girls
x. top 10 bands: the beatles, pink floyd, velvet revolver, guns'n'roses, the who, the rolling stones, green day, foo fighters, dave matthews band, bush
x. top 5 movies: ferris bueller's day off, wedding crashers, nightmare before christmas, the yellow submarine, alice in wonderland

we want more
x. who is your favorite songwriter and why? john and paul, i love there music and went together so well
x. if you could make a rock super group, who would be in it, and why? slash, duff, matt, ringo, pete townsend, roger waters, david gilmore, john lennon, and to many more to even list
x. do you play an instrument/write/sing or have any other artistic talents? i can play guitar, drums, and i can sing
x. is your hair hot sex? if yes, show us: yes but i don't have any recent pictures of it.
x. any tattoos, piercings, or scars? i have three tattoos, more to come, my ears are pierced, to many scars.

x. book: i am currently reading the electric kool aid acid test by tom wolfe, so far it is my favorite
x. author/poet: i don't really have a fave, i like to many
x. band to see live: it's a tie between velvet revolver and the rolling stones
x. quote: "i have a grand piano to prop up my mortal remains." from nobody's home by pink floyd

your opinion on..
x. president dubya bush: hmm... where to start with him. basicly i don't really care for him.
x. homosexuality: go for it it's your life not mine.
x. mental illness: it happens to people all the time not to much we can do about other then try to help them and find ways to help.
x. being scene: whatever
x. mainstream (mtv) music: it sucks at times, they should play more music videos.
x. reality tv: hate most of it

fun pictures
x. post a picture of something you think is beautiful.

Image hosting by Photobucket

x. post a picture of something that makes you ill.
any picture of gore
x. post a picture of something that'll make us laugh.

Image hosting by Photobucket

show your face!
x. post some pix for us to adore or abhor:
in the picture up above i am the one in the brown aero hoodie

important business
x. how'd you hear about us? i was searching
x. do you know a mod personally? if so, who? nope
x. and last, but not least, why should we accept you? because i rock to say the least.
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Hey, sorry I haven't been updating. Nothing going on in my rock n roll life. Bass playing is slow these days, and I gotta get my band up and running. I'm just more involved in other musical things.(cough, orchestra and school band which takes up my whole fucking life practically!!)

Any serious musicians here?? I started a community and I need members. Any serious musicians are welcome trumpet_is_love first three or so members automatically in. thanx

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Ok some more promotion here join rock_stuff


It basically covers every aspect of rock music from classic to extreme, members can also talk about personal stuff if they want and basically any other crap.

Members are asked to complete the VERY short questionnaire on the info page within 24hrs of being accepted as all applicants are moderated



ALSO join  _blandness_

Apparently it is supposed to allow ANYONE to talk about ANYTHING, I don’t think applicants are moderated



The moderators of both are me and  titlicker  so respect us please or you will be banned

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