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Hi there, I know I haven't posted anything for the past month...

This is to let all of you my lj friends that I'll be on a "temporary" hiatus from blogging... School's fun but it's also hell, so I'm still adjusting...

I'm taking up Nursing at the University of the Philippines, freshman.. This is totally different from what I was accustomed to way back in high school. First sem wasn't so bad, but I felt I could've done better... So I'll be leaving my lj here for some time, I'll still post whenever I have the free time.. I have to concentrate on my studies from now on... (Especially with the pressure of retaining a scholarship and all)

I'll be online on Yahoo Messenger a lot of times since I still have to do research, you can still keep in touch. I would love nothing more than that! Please, please keep in touch, I would want to talk to all of you still and I would miss you guys....

Okei, so for now... G'bye... Keep in touch peepz!


yin (My Y!M id: bookish_gurl024)

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