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Guys, I need everyone to do me a favor and keep this little boy in your thoughts and prayer or whatever you want to call it. On Saturday my friend's nephew Wyatt and his dad were swinging on their tire swing and it snapped off of the tree and both of them went flying and Dave(his dad) ended up on top of him, and Wyatt is only two. He had to be Mercy Flighted from Kenmore hospital to Children's and just last night he was Mercy Flighted to a hospital in Pitsburgh. From the accident he has a fractured vertebre, and his hips are broken in three places, on top of that and scratches and cuts, now they thing that one of his bowels is ruptured and things aren't looking good. So please say a prayer or send him "good juju" anything. I wouldn't ask if it didn't mean so much to his whole family that he makes a 100% recovery, especially when things are looking so bad. Thanks so much.


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