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Back here

Sorry fellow goddesses... I haven't been around much.. College is like dragging me down. I'm still adjusting as a matter of fact... Anyhoo, I'm a bit lax now... So here... :D

I finally got to go HOME home! Oh, home home means our home in the province.. I haven't gone back to the place since last June! Ahh, I missed my room (nevermind I brought all my stuff here in Manila and practically left only the bed and the ceiling... LoL)...

I went out with some of my highschool friends and we went to the mall to hang out. I have to be brutally, really, frankly honest about our "gimmick:"


I mean, all we did was check out clothes, stroll around what seemed like hours in a little piece of land they call a mall, take our pictures taken (this isn't bad at all, just felt like including it), and eat food on a tight budget while watching a frickin' loser movie! Hello?! How do you enjoy that? We watched the movie D'Anothers which was a lame and totally useless excuse for a comedy film. Gaah!!! It's the worst film I've ever seen (including the lame horror film with subtitles we watched last year)... I mean, it was bad enough that our Philosophy teacher wanted us to watch it for some unknown reason, but to have to watch it twice?! Come on, people! I mean, was it too much to just for once, in our bloody lives, to go to a decent place, like Pizza Hut, sit down, eat and just talk?! I mean, I know it would cost us money, but hey? At least it doesn't defeat the purpose of checking out on each other right. Total waste of time.

Moving on to better things....


Yes, the subject I dreaded I was about to fail.... I got 79/90 in our dep exam, and I am totally shouting for joy! I know it isn't 90% or something, but hey! I didn't  expect to even scrape 50% of this fucking exam... I am so happy. Lemme say it again...

I. PASSED. MATH 11! (well, at least the first dep anyway)

Haha! Not much really... I just painted my nails black.. Due to sheer boredom and finally decided to use eyeliner since I noticed my eyes are like so small... LoL... i just had fun playing around with the eyeliner.. *winks*

Peek-a-boo! LoL

(hmm, i wonder if black nail polish brings me good luck? LoL)

Haha... So I look stupid... Boredom really gets to me sometimes! Hehe...

Okay, gtg... Have to read bloohtooth 's papers... ciao!


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