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I've been looking in the mirror for so long, that I come to belive my souls on the other side..

well, I know i haven't been posting a shit in this comunety for a wile. sorry. shame on me. *shows her but so you can kick it*
 But I want to show you some of photographs from my deviantart page. :)


this is called A sense of fear in her eyes.

A smile for once.
my friend took this pic of me, and it was kinda spontanius as my friend sudenly yelled, look dead! and I went like! hahaha!!! so, yeah.. turned out cool i think. :)

breathe no more.
yes, it's from the evansecence song! i just love that song!

catch a fallen star
this is my most resent pic. took it today, edited it today and all.

I'll rather be hurt again
quite simpel pic, but It represents something to me at the time i took it.

watching my light burn out.
yeah what to say. no comment. lol. yeah. :)

but this is the link to my enteire gallery if your interesseted, and im wondering if any of you other's have a deviantart gallery?

so what do you think godesses?? want to trow appels and tomatos at me or something? lol

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