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This is not a man's world

Name :: Jaden
Age :: 19
Where you reside :: middle of nowhere (Pennsylvania)
Zodiac Sign :: cancer
What do you like about yourself :: my ability to speak my mind, my creativity & my wit

xxYour favoritesxx
Favorite song :: Breathe No More x Evanescence; Breaktown x Hanson; & Spy x the Moffatts, among many others
Top 5 Bands:: the Moffatts, Evanescence, Hanson, Silverchair & Foo Fighters
T.V.Show :: Family Guy, Will & Grace, and Degrassi
Top 5 Movies :: Nightmare Before Christmas, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Labyrinth, Edward Scissorhands & Spiderman 2
Color :: black & purple
Favorite cartoon(new/old) :: Rainbow Brite for old school! And South Park now
Alcohol :: I'm a simple girl, give me a mixed drink anyday. :) Margaritas, dacquiris, etc.
Faomy episode :: ?? sorry, outta the loop on this one... am I screwed? *lol*

xx Do you have.. xx
Tattoos :: no but I know what I want my first one to be: a heart with wings between my shoulder blades
Peircings :: 3 in my left ear, 2 in my right & I want my eyebrow done

xxYour opinion on...xx
Ashlee Simpson :: um, to be completely honest? I think she tries too hard & is a punk wannabe.
Eminem:: He's pretty good actually.
Slipknot :: Not my flavor. I like rock but they're a wee bit too hard for me.
Dimebag Darrell :: ???
Insane Clown Posse :: I liked their older stuff like "What is a Juggalo?" *lol* & the Dating Game song. But I don't know much in the way of them now
Invader Zim :: LOVE that show!
South Park :: hysterical-- my best friend can sound exactly like Cartman & I must say I pride myself on sounding sorta like Butters :)
Beavis and Butthead :: great old-school. I've watched the movie like 2875357622 times :D
Beer :: ehh depends what kind it is. But never drink & drive. It kills kiddos.
Avril :: She's good. I have both her albums. But I think I may like the first better,.... no... not sure.
Emo :: emo music? or is this another thing that I have no effin clue whats goin on?
Kurt Cobain :: *bows down at his feet* (so to speak) He is amazing. Simple as that.
Barbies :: Umm fake.

xxDo youxx
Smoke :: on occassion
Do drugs :: never
If so what kind,type, how many times ect. :: n/a
Go to school :: college
Have Pets :: yes, 2 dogs & 3 fishes
Curse :: yup
Like sex:: if it's not 'casual sex' then yes
Cut :: yes

xxAre youxx
Straight edge :: it depends what exactly you mean by such
In a Band :: I used to be. But one member moved away then I, and the remaining 2 members, left for college
Bi/Gay/Lez :: Bisexual
a Vegetarian :: no
a Vegan :: nope
a Druggie :: nope
In love :: not at the moment

xxThis or Thatxx
Hot or Cold :: umm cold
Winter or Summer :: winter
Red or Blue :: blue
Playstation or X-Box :: either that I can kick my brother's ass at :D
Highschool or College :: um college
Mall or Store :: depends, most stores are at the mall...
Outside or Inside :: um......... inside
Drive or Walk :: drive baby!
Vintage or Modern :: vintage all the way
Corset or Bustier :: umm corset
Dress or Jeans :: jeans
Sneakers or Heels :: sneaks
Brownies or Cookies :: that depends on my mood usually
Converse or Vans :: converse for me
Goth or Punk :: both
Mental or insane :: insane crazy!

Is Michael Jackson guilty? :: nah
Weirdest nightmare you've ever had :: I can't really think right now
How harcore are you :: different things have different amounts of passion poured into them
Who's your favorite music goddess(female singer) and why :: Amy Lee of course. She's amazing. Beautiful. Talented. Driven. I mean, why not?


Why should we let you in the community? :: Because I rock :P Um seriously, I think it'd be cool to make friends with people who are like me instead of being the "freak" at work & such.

Now on to my pictures, which sadly I must admit, I am ashamed of:

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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