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I've been Raped by the FCC.

Name :: Ruby
Age :: 18
Where you reside :: Aurora, Colorado.
Zodiac Sign :: Libra
What do you like about yourself :: My Independence.

xxYour favoritesxx
Favorite song :: Tulips Are Better By Atreyu. [Yea, i know, atreyu is overrated, but i love that song]
Top 5 Bands:: Thursday, From First to Last, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Kill Your Idols, As I Lay Dying
T.V.Show :: Daria? I dont know, I havent watched tv in so long but Daria is awesome. =]
Top 5 Movies :: Edward Scissorhands, Donnie darko, The Breakfast Club, Garden state, Sixteen Candles
Color :: Dont really have one.. pink or white or black.. or all of them together.
Favorite cartoon(new/old) :: Charlie brown // X-Men.
Alcohol :: Smirnoff, martinis, daquaris [spelling??], Margaritas. I'm a fruity drink kinda girl.
Faomy episode :: oh my. thats hard..lol prolly 5 more minutes.

xx Do you have.. xx
Tattoos :: Soon, i think.
Peircings :: Yes. I have Snake bites, septum, and my belly button

xxYour opinion on...xx
Ashlee Simpson :: Talented, but not for me.
Eminem:: [see above]
Slipknot :: eh..alright
Dimebag Darrell :: sometimes
Insane Clown Posse :: I have juggalos // juggalettes as friends. ICP is a bit overrated, but some other psychopathic is cool. i mean you have to give them props for being so close to each other..
Invader Zim :: haha, its so cute. i love that show.
South Park :: I watch it every night.
Beavis and Butthead :: eh.. a bit too stupid for me.
Beer :: mm.. well.. depends on what kind
Avril :: Cute, but her music is a bit odd..
Emo :: overrated
Kurt Cobain :: Beautiful. He was beatufiul and talented like no other.
Barbies :: um..

xxDo youxx
Smoke :: cigarettes? no. Marijuana? once in a while.
Do drugs :: weed
If so what kind,type, how many times ect. :: i dont know.. but i dont do it all the time.
Go to school :: Yep
Have Pets :: Yep
Curse :: Sometimes
Like sex:: um..depends. if you really care about that person, yes. if its just a one night stand, no.
Cut :: no.

xxAre youxx
Straight edge :: no
In a Band :: yes
Bi/Gay/Lez :: I would kiss a girl, but nothing more.
a Vegetarian :: No. I feel for animals, but i cant not eat meat.
a Vegan :: no
a Druggie :: no
In love :: yes

xxThis or Thatxx
Hot or Cold :: depends
Winter or Summer :: Winter is beautiful.
Red or Blue :: Red
Playstation or X-Box :: Playstation!
Highschool or College :: Highschool.
Mall or Store :: Store
Outside or Inside :: Outside
Drive or Walk :: Depends on who your with
Vintage or Modern :: Depends
Corset or Bustier :: Corset
Dress or Jeans :: Jeans
Sneakers or Heels :: Chucks
Brownies or Cookies :: Brownies
Converse or Vans :: Converse
Goth or Punk :: Punk or goth. I dont believe in stereotypes.
Mental or insane :: wha?

Is Michael Jackson guilty? :: i dont get into politics, michael jackson is amazing. I dont believe he was a pedifile, but you know, i have no say in it anyway.
Weirdest nightmare you've ever had :: This one time i had a dream me and my friends were all in a car and we ran into a tree and then went to mc donalds and bought a dog.. AND IT GETS BETTER! bill gates tried to steal my dog and i shot him in the head with a dart gun.
How harcore are you :: hardcore? pfffft.
Who's your favorite music goddess(female singer) and why :: Hmm..Otep. because she's amazing! and shes so..strong..


Why should we let you in the community? :: umm.. because i'd like to be in it.
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