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I missed being online! *sighs* I didn't update for quite a while, which is due to some reasons and I shall enumerate them right now: *LoL*

1. Preparation for the Anthropology finals. I have to type 5 brain-racking chapters of notes so I could review well! MY eyes hurt so much and I wanted to scream at the stiffness in my fingers!

2. THE Anthropology finals. (This was yesterday) I think I flunk my prelims *whispers*(please don't let me fail) so I have to double up my studying work! Ugh, it was five chapters of hell! Lots of dates, names, places, processes, principles, methods, procedures, techniques, advancements, stages... UHm, periods, divisions, theories... And everything! Gawsh I almost died! Good thing the exam wasn't that hard.

3. The release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince I isolated myself from the net for fear of reading spoilers and being tempted to get myself a copy before my exams were over! I had to lock myself in my room and hide away my ATM so I would not be tempted to go out and go to the mall and withdraw some money to buy the book! You wouldn't believe the patience and control it took me, people!

And finally, 4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when I finally got my own copy. I stayed up until 2 in the morning to read it and I must admit, I'm totally... Err.. Next time... I won't give a review now, some of the people reading this may not have read it yet.. I want to be considerate, as some people have been considerate enough to not spoil the story for me and I'd only like to return the favor.. :D

Okay, till next time! Oh yeah, and UP College of Nursing will be throwing a "tea party" on Friday and we all go as characters from the Wild Wild West.. I'm not really that excited anymore.. At first I was, since the first theme was superheroes and fantasy and we could wear costumes of our heroes... I was almost jumping for joy since "Harry Potter" costumes were accepted (they said everybody is entitled to his or her own hero, right? and it is fantasy!) and I was on the brink of getting a robe made, when they changed the theme! Arrggghh...

Anyhoo, I'll still be going.. Even though I'd be wearing a dorky hat and dance a dorky song too.. Uggh...

Oh and yeah, I'm now wearing glasses.. Thanks to the Anthropology finals.. I'd post pictures but not now... I can't find my memory card..

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