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This is not a mans world.

Seems like a cool community :)


Name :: Gemma Alderton
Age :: 16, 17 on 15th August
Where you reside :: London, UK
Zodiac Sign :: Leo
What do you like about yourself :: My ginger hair.

xxYour favoritesxx
Favorite song :: Anywhere - Evanescence
Top 5 Bands:: Evanescence, Bullet for my Valentine, He Is Legend, My Chemical Romance
T.V.Show :: 2 pints of larger and a packet of crisps, Sugar Rush, Wondershowzen, Friends...
Top 5 Movies :: Final Destination 1+2, Signs, School of Rock, War of the Worlds, Phonebooth
Color :: Purple, Red
Favorite cartoon(new/old) :: The Simpsons has to be one, Family guy.
Alcohol :: Anything with vodka in it. WKD, Red Square, Smirnoff...
Faomy episode :: Haven't watched foamy in a long time, sorry :(

xx Do you have.. xx
Tattoos :: No, but intend to when Im old enough
Peircings :: No

xxYour opinion on...xx
Ashlee Simpson :: She is only famous because of her sister, to me she has no talent and everything she does or tries to do is just....NO.
Eminem:: His old stuff was alright, but the new stuff he's got out isn't great. I like him because he doesn't just rap about having sex with girls and how fit girls are etc etc.
Slipknot :: Very great band, very great music. Damn, I've got to see them next time they come around.
Dimebag Darrell :: R.I.P
Insane Clown Posse :: Hmmm....heard of them, but not heard any of their stuff...
Invader Zim :: Rules.
South Park :: Rules, although i haven't watched it for quite some time. Must do that...
Beavis and Butthead :: Good, but can get a little sick of it after awhile.
Beer :: Not my #1 choice of alcohol consumption. Quite nasty stuff.
Avril :: When she first came out, i thought she was okay, but now she is just running out of ideas for songs and its not doing her any good.
Emo :: Is ok, but people who are constantly in your face like "I cut myself everyday" just get on my nerves.
Kurt Cobain :: People started noticing Nirvana more once he had gone, i mean nobody here can say what a great guy he was cause he died 10 years ago...but they did start of the Grunge scene so you've got to like them for that i guess.
Barbies :: Are funny. Especially with missing limbs.

xxDo youxx
Smoke :: Yes.
Do drugs :: Yes.
If so what kind,type, how many times ect. :: Weed, on occassion, if im going to a gig or party...
Go to school :: College
Have Pets :: One rabbit, Jess.
Curse :: ALL the time.
Like sex:: Of course, although i do think its over rated.
Cut :: Used to a few years back, not anymore.

xxAre youxx
Straight edge :: I guess so.
In a Band :: Yes, but we are only just starting up. We haven't even had a band practice yet and hardly any of us can play instruments, so this should be interesting.
Bi/Gay/Lez :: Bi, but i have a boyfriend.
a Vegetarian :: No.
a Vegan :: No.
a Druggie :: No.
In love :: Yes.

xxThis or Thatxx
Hot or Cold :: Cold, because you can always wrap up warm if you are. If your boiling hot, with fans on and everything, theres not much you can do.
Winter or Summer :: Winter if it snows.
Red or Blue :: Red
Playstation or X-Box :: Playstation
Highschool or College :: Highschool because it was more of a laugh. Although in college it makes you feel more independant knowing you are doing what you want and not just the same subjects as everyone else.
Mall or Store :: Mall, more shops to choose from
Outside or Inside :: Outside, aslong as its not too hot.
Drive or Walk :: Walk
Vintage or Modern :: Modern
Corset or Bustier :: Corset
Dress or Jeans :: JEANS.
Sneakers or Heels :: Sneakers
Brownies or Cookies :: Brownies!
Converse or Vans :: Vans at the moment cause my converses are getting kinda...old. Must get some new ones soon.
Goth or Punk :: Punk
Mental or insane :: Mental

Is Michael Jackson guilty? :: I think so. But im not really into this whole trial thing so, whatever.
Weirdest nightmare you've ever had :: Being in a grey room with my mum and brother, there was a leak in one corner of the ceileng so i stared at it for ages and suddenly I heard something come up someone come up right behind me and when i turned to see who they were, they stabbed me i nthe back. not nice at all.
How harcore are you :: Not very
Who's your favorite music goddess(female singer) and why :: Amy Lee, cause shes talented, hot, and makes excellent music


Why should we let you in the community? :: Because i actually update on communities and not just become a member and not post/ do anything.

Post at least 3 pictures

sorry about this one...

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