Hi there, I know I haven't posted anything for the past month...

This is to let all of you my lj friends that I'll be on a "temporary" hiatus from blogging... School's fun but it's also hell, so I'm still adjusting...

I'm taking up Nursing at the University of the Philippines, freshman.. This is totally different from what I was accustomed to way back in high school. First sem wasn't so bad, but I felt I could've done better... So I'll be leaving my lj here for some time, I'll still post whenever I have the free time.. I have to concentrate on my studies from now on... (Especially with the pressure of retaining a scholarship and all)

I'll be online on Yahoo Messenger a lot of times since I still have to do research, you can still keep in touch. I would love nothing more than that! Please, please keep in touch, I would want to talk to all of you still and I would miss you guys....

Okei, so for now... G'bye... Keep in touch peepz!


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la la

cheerup you EMOFUCK

so. this weekend has been interesting.

x♥ i dont remember half of it
........ thats always a good sign.

x♥ i think i might quit smoking. im kind of fed up with relying on something else to calm me down.

x♥ im dirty right now. i think i need a shower. i have been in a hoodie and jeans practically all weekend. oh bust. i have on briannas hoodie :D

x♥ myspace is an addiction. addictions are spawns of satan.

x♥ my cell phone is getting cut off tomorrow. fuck. my. ass. so what.... i talk on it like all the time and my minutes are like 200 over....

x♥ maybe i should take my new meds.....or maybe not.

x♥ i hate going to see beverly. she makes me feel worthless and fucked up.

x♥ i have to go see wainer this week. and tell how oh so wonderful my new meds make me feel. because they fix everything....right?

x♥ college applications....wait...what?

x♥ i need to turn i can....wait. im quitting. FUCK

x♥ im getting a tattoo soon :P

x♥ i am not scene. i am not even close to being meredith can SHOVE IT UP HER FUCKING ASS.... not that im bitter or anything....

x♥ candy's birthday was yesterday. i made her a collage. it made me really sad.

x♥ the fair is in town. i have no motivation to go and be around thousands of people.

x♥ i have to do this sculpture thing for school... that describes me. kate said i should do a broken heart. cheerup emofuck.

x♥ i think im going to go get in the shower. or maybe just lay here for a while.

x♥♥♥ bang bang baby. i wanna be dead.


on the way. to the shore. of california. babe. and i'll be fine. i have taken you back. for the last time. i wont set you free. i wont set you free. not to say its over. come right back to me. if you're gonna go. i'm giving you the key. but only if you go to mexico.

this song makes me cry.
it reminds me of summer.
and the beach.
with melissa.
and melodie.
and i miss melodie. so much.
why. i dont know.
she fucked me over. she left me twice when i really needed her.
but i leave my heart wide open to be slaughtered.
because. i love them.
all of them.
no matter how much they kill me.

because im hopeless.

i want to give up so bad.
i know i won't. maybe thats why they dont care.
im just some safe bet.
i'm betting im not.

with each day. i become more apathetic to their shit.
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