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Robot Evolution

Where you join and fuck other robots.

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
We ♥ Robots.
Where you can UNBlock Robots from indexing your journal

This is a fucking rating community. Robot's are very meticulous.

1. Don't be an idiot. Your not 'cute'.
2. TYpi3n> LiYk_ Th:z Will get you banned (sarcasm accepted).
3. Whoring other communites will get you banned.
4. Posts can be pictures or text only.
5. Once accepted, you MUST stamp yourself. Or you will be removed.
6. We want to be nice to you. Honestly. Give us a reason to.
7. Be optimistic. Be opinionated. Be Bias. It's cool.
8. This is not your typical "Post Pictures" community. Don't be scared to say something ironic, point out something interesting. You are encouraged to think in here.
9. We hate rating communities where you feel the need to read other applications before posting your own. Be yourself, and you will get accepted (if your alright anyways).
10. LOVE your Mod's. And don't bitch at us.
11. Fill out a complete application.
12. EVERYTHING goes under a cut. If you don't know how to do that, you don't belong here.

[3]Favorite bands kept to a reasonable minimum:
[4]Favorite Movies:
[5]Books you enjoy:

[6]Opinions On:
=2004 Election-
='Making It' Bands-
=Life on other planets-
=Is Edible Body Paint art?-
=Robot Erotica-

[7]Say something unique/interesting/funny:

=Microsoft Paint/Photoshop-
=Nacho Cheese/Cooler Ranch-
=Ninja Turtles/Power Rangers-
[9]Say Something Robotic:

[10]You MUST post 3-5 Pictures of yourself:


Robot Alexis smlewntrsunrise
Robot Ben 988

Love Him Or Leave.