seekernami (seekernami) wrote in _robosexuals_,

Hello there everyone!

hey it' nice to find yet another place for Technofilics like me =3
I do't know but my sexual attraction to mechs and machines seems to go all way down to my tender childhood... the first thig I remember I thought was sexy was my dad's truck. Gee how could I forget about that huge chassis with sleek curves, inviting headlights and that roaring engine X3 It was like a bliss.

I do have a strong attraction towards cars and trucks. but sometimes there are some other devices that can attract my attention, such as a nicely tuned PC, I don't know! You never know what's the next gadget going to be... perhaps it'd fill a new expectative ;)

Well basically, my love for robots started with Transformers G1 way back to my childhood. First I became their fan, happy to see new mechs with new mech/alt. mode models, suddenly I drooled at the mere thought of their exoskeleton transforming from robot to vehicle, finding the transformation process extremely hot! seeing as how axis turned, pieces folded or stretched... with such bodies as no human being could ever even dream of having... faces with alluring emotionless optics for eyes, things that go beyond the definition of SMEXY! X3... I mean, no human will ever be able to repalce the cold feeling of metal, the smell of oils, gas and diesel, the feeling of warm metal plating, the stretch and pull of wires on mechanical joints, the perfect architecture of  robot or car...

and the thought of having a sentient machine that though thinks strictly logically could still have tender feelings and develop attraction to a human and thus being able to fullfil all her desires (I cannot help but to have this recurring fantasy of having a Transformer for me who would simply interface me as long as I wanted without having him tired like a human guy X3)

waah sorry if I typed too much I sometimes get a little hyper ^w^'
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