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that is it...

From Cali to the UK...
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If you are rad... join us.

Hey Kids,
We started this community because we are bored bored bored at work. We were two Californians freezin' our butts off in London. Now we are home and still bored at work. Pretty much post anything about travel, the UK, Cali, London, or really anything you feel people should know. Join if you aren't stupid, pompous or ugly. Well, ugly is okay too. We want to hear all about you!

Be Nice (enough) Its not hard. Bitter cynicism is acceptable.
If you feel the need to go on and on and on... thats fine, we all do, just put it behind a cut.
Don't promote your community EVER! That's why you have your own blog, if you have no friends that's just too bad.
Don't be pervy, they have communities for that.
No bad language or naughty pics.
This is taking too much effort, just be cool.

So if you decide that you want to join convince us that you belong (not that we'll do anything about it anyways)

Tell us your...
favorite place
hidden talent
a funny story
pornstar name
why you joined our little community
something interesting
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