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an introduction

Tell us your...
name: Alysha but I go by Ally

favorite place: Portland, Oregon. My family is from there and I love them. I live in Sacramento, CA – aka the hottest place EVAR and
Portland is always a pleasant change in both weather and attitude.

hidden talent: I’m a good conversationalist. I can talk to pretty much anyone about anything and make it fun. That’s not really “hidden” but it’s something that I’m proud of.

a funny story: I don’t really have any funny stories of my own, so I’ll steal one:

The season was over...we had another national championship and my wife and I had gone to the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation. I am walking up from the water and my wife starts laughing uproariously. She says "Lou how does a man with such skinney legs ever get those big strapping boys to pay any attention to him"...To which I replied..."It's defects like that...kept me fron gettin' a better wife!
- Lou Holtz

age: Twenty

pornstar name: Maggie B (My first pet and the first street I ever lived on)

why you joined our little community: I get so bored at work. And I want more LJ buddies.

something interesting: I work for a lobbying/strategic communications group in Sacramento, California.
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